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NIH & HHS Now Directly Funding COVID-19 Tracking/Predictive Tools & The 'Dark Winter' Psyop

The Last American Vagabond
Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

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#COVID19 #DarkWinter #SARSCOV2

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Problem + Reaction = Solution

WE know Purgatory THE GREAT WORK is a machine we are all born into, and we know our enemy the FREE MASON Kabbalah Zohar OTO of Jesuit Zionist USE Sex Magic and many other means of Cruelty from PizzaGATE too WAR IS MURDER to keep “We The People” in a State of Suspended Animation where what ever the Moving Photogs show be it [the movies] #QANON /_\ in the late 1890’s to the Movies here in the 21st Century are the Lies, and Deceptions, and Illusions the U.N. Military Empire uses to make “we the people” submit to their Misinformation – Malfeasance – Spells, and Enchantments known as LET US ENTERTAIN YOU, so these Angels and Demons from the book of Enoch’ may feed off our human blood… We know (COVID19) is just one more Faked Moon Landing {TV Show} [{**}] that has put the whole world into a RAPTURE as the TV Shows and U-Tube Channels FEAR to say they are living a Lie…

It is quite evident that ANY ONE can do magic + alchemy = sorcery…….., and that We The People have the Right too Access this Holographic [{*}] Virtual Reality World……..., and learn the Codes to Activate certain “Features” just as elemental as David Copperfield……., and Chris Angel…..., and Dynamo / * \ where we too can Turn Water into Wine….., Walk on Water…., and if need be` do what our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus 1.0 did…., and Control The Weather..., Heal the Sick.., and even Raised the Dead if it was not their {assigned time} +=+ too die in this Video Game life of TV SCREENS every where we be going in 2020 C.E. that soon is to turn into 2021 C.E. where Agenda 21 of the U.N. TV {NEWS} World Order will manipulate “the many” whom can see no futher then these TV Screens, Movie Screens, and all these Books, Magazines, and NEWSPAPERS made “by them” whom control this Matrix of lies, and liars we find the masses manipulated by…

Now: From The Great Teacher, we know (The Street Signs) with the Missing Feet, and the Missing Hands are for them the FREE MASON “Slave” Populations as many people have MASTER MASONS in their homes be it their Shriner Fathers too their Eastern Star Mothers… We also know these Incubus and Succubus recruit our Human [nonmason] Q+ Children too turn them to the DARK SIDE of All The World is A Stage, and then too LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING cause THEY LIVE’ are Doppelgangers from the other side of this Enclosed Cosmology known as our FLAT DUEL EARTH, and in this` children as young as 10 years old become {Complaint Slaves} /-\ to the FREE MASON Lodges as Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls…

Since we have a concept of their U.S. FLAGS 10 Year NATO Plan by these “U.N. FLAGS” too depopulate, and manipulate the FLAGS of “each” INDIVIDUAL nation into Technocratic Aristocracies where many U.N. FLAGS will remain “poor” by INTENTION, and the other U.N. FLAGS will be bombed to kill off more of we humans, and then them {5 Pentagram Stars} of the U.N. Flags known as The Security Counsel of China – France – Russia – U.K. - USA will blow up “the world” with all their Nuclear A.I. Drones, and Ships, and Jets of JADE HELM 15 makes staying alive till 2025 C.E. of Deagel.com >>> COUNTRIES your prime objective my people of Pak-Toe, as WE ARE battle The Racka, so if you are in a [Depopulation Zone] Q’s be it Australia – Canada – U.K. - E.U. - USA, then your options are limited “at this time” if you do not move to a DEAGEL.COM country less wealthy during TRANSMUTATION of WE The People…

Johnny Exodice


There is no time to bring you up too speed if you still believe all the TV is not “playing” with your mind my nonmason called: The Cast of the Casting whom PROGRAM {your minds} with their Programming, and in this, if you live among those LOST in Purgatory as the Dammed, and The Cursed, and The Forsaken, you must get to locations “too embrace” our OFF LINE Gaming Rooms at our FLAT EARTH Magical Academies… Good Luck with all your LOGUNS RUN studies, and avoiding the “nonhumans” aka Any and ALL Free Mason Lodge Members…

The Sentinel…


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