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New generation of witches and warlocks graduate

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

(21 Sep 2010) SHOTLIST
1. Wide of witches running over hot coals
2. Close-up hot coals being stoked for witch exam
3. Wide of men tending to coals
4. Vilija Lobaciuviene, head of school of witches, cheering on new witches
5. Various of new witches running over hot coals
6. Wide of two women near fire
7. Close-up of branches burning in fire
8. Wide of two women gathering branches for fire
9. Mid of woman gathering branches
10. Wide of exterior of Puskoriai factory area, where witch initiation ceremony takes place
11. People throwing branches into fire
12. Wide of young people preparing for ceremony
13. SOUNDBITE (Lithuanian) Leopoldas Malinauskas, Warlock:
"I think it is time to create a memorial to the Inquisition victims. We have a memorial to the post-war resistance, a memorial to the Holocaust victims. I think that people who were tortured to death by the Inquisition have a right to a memorial where people could light candles on November 1 (All Souls Day). For the moment, we don't have such a memorial."
14. Vilnius skyline
15. Mid of Leopoldas Malinauskas putting on cloak for ceremony
16. Close up of Malinauskas' hands, some with rings
17. Mid of Malinauskas and new witches preparing for ceremony
18. SOUNDBITE (Lithuanian) Edvardas Kulvicius, Hairdresser, Graduate of School of witches:
"People go back to their roots, to the feelings and understanding of the truth of nature. It's the basis of all people, all are moving towards it, no matter what is the religion and what everyone believes in."
19. Mid of Lobaciuviene opening bottle holding special drink
20. Close-up of special drink being poured into bowl
21. Witches standing in circle
22. Close-up of warlock sipping special drink from bowl, passing it to his assistant
23. Wide of witches standing in circle, raising hands in air
24. Warlock and his assistant raising up hands while standing in circle
25. Lobaciuviene waving hands UPSOUND (Lithuanian): "Do you feel the energy by your hands? Catch it!"
26. Close up of fire, witches standing around it
27. SOUNDBITE (Lithuanian) Vilija Lobaciuviene, Head of school of witches:
"Not everywhere in the world do witches go over hot coals, but for our witches, according to history, it is a very important thing. And the energy of fire element is very close for us, and we respect it a lot."
28. Witches standing in circle as Lobaciuviene holds up sword
29. Close-up of new witches' hands
30. Close-up of Lobaciuviene's feet, tilt up and zoom out as she walks around fire with sword
31. Lobaciuviene holding sword
32. Close-up fire
33. Close-up of sword being held by Lobaciuviene and new witch Neringa Saladzi
34. Mid of Neringa Saladzi holding sword up to forehead
35. Masters from School of witches preparing to give diplomas to new witches
36. Close-up of witch diploma
37. SOUNDBITE (Lithuanian) Neringa Saladzi, Chemist, Graduate of School of witches:
"Today, the role of witch is totally different - it is to be a help in understanding the truth and a help in medicine, also in herbs. To spend some time with a witch, talking to her can help a lot, and also to solve some problems."
38. Candle being lit
39. Mid of new witch being "scanned" by Lobaciuviene with the use of sword
40. Close-up of pentagram, a traditional occult symbol, being drawn on wrist of new witch
41. Warlock drawing pentagram on hand of new witch
42. Close-up of new witch wearing hood and gown being "scanned" by Lobaciuviene with the use of sword
Shunned and hunted in the past, Lithuania's witches and warlocks are no longer in hiding.
For the first time in modern history, a new generation of pagans has graduated, with one of the final tests requiring them to walk on hot coals.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 25 days ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRE-FUwcnAw Compare the FEMALE Succubus Witch to the Young Succubus Too LIGHT Skin Female Witch on my WE ME PAGE, and know these people on TV are all Incubus from the OTHER SIDE of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere living and making LAW off of our Slave Wages of TAX!

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