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Nevada's Freemason License Plates, WTF, Satan on Wheels, In Your Face

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 277 Views
Published on 13 Mar 2020 / In Entertainment

Nevada's Freemason License Plates.
While I was in the great land of con artist, scammers, fraud masters, and thieves, always looking over my shoulders and always being on my guard. hate having to live like that.
, I saw many retired servicemen with special license plates. To my astonishment I actually saw a Nevada license plate with the FREEMASON on it. WOW, Nevada worships Satanist..

dr Meno's consumer watch and alert
.Help us drive these scammers and fraudsters out of business.
go to their websites and put a bad review with one star. Also put one on google plus.

Capital Title and Escrow

Carson City Estate Sales and Liquidation.
Chris Gorby,

I will follow up with the details of the bad experience with these 2 companies. well unable for fear of hate speech

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Teacher…, what are “we to do” now that the NEW WORLD ORDER of this UNITED NATIONS [International Mafia] / * \ from our World Leaders to our local Mayors……..., City Counsels…….., School Boards……., Courts……, and City Officials have {all betrayed we} +=+ The nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition??? You are to secure your LOCAL RADIO AM and FM Broadcast…..., and to have your “Vehicles” with a FULL TANK OF GASOLINE...., and extra Containers for “ROAD TRIPS” when they unleash the Weather Weapons of the EDISON Machine of “Forced Technology” in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA to send Fire Storms..., Floods.., Super Tornadoes., Earth Quakes, VOLCANOES and {Tsunamis} [{**}] to wipe you out “be you” male and female regardless of age… The Reason they have taken out “our older people” of 60 years and older, and put them on LOCK DOWN for 4 months is cause they are IMMUNE to all the Diseases “they will unleash” under the LIE of a VIRUS that does not exist, and say: You have “COVID 19” come with we these “U.N. TROOPS” [{*}] of these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns to round you up…., so you best know “how to shoot” them weapons you keep, and have ways to share [bullets and weapons] with those whom shall fight and SHOOT FIRST when SPACE FORCE shows up in HOMELAND SECURITY to even “Local Police” and Military to National Guards and G4S Academi Types of BLACK WATER Private Contracted {U.S. FLAG} Paramilitaries!!!! Your Town Hall “has betrayed you” my humans for INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS from India to Russia, from China to the Congo, from Brazil to Quebec, and all the rest where we the people “who know how” too look up Big Words……., and SPEAK the RULE OF LAW shall and will be denied OUR CONSTITUTIONAL Rights “of our” Countries….., so have a plan to “leave your locations” when FLOODS come and other “Super Natural” WEATHER WEAPONS decimate the populations “of this world” as we are all TOLD to “Self Isolate” and die in our homes… I am but one man be I Male or Female…….., but I do know “how to cook” and do Bar – B - Q on a Propane to Coal Burning Furnace!!!! I know “in numbers” of an EDUCATED POPULATION {we can take back} our FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere “Home World” of PURGATORY from all these MONSTERS – Pirates – Vampires, and Werewolves from other REALMS and Dimensions!!!! You see….., we are the ones whom “they shall fear” for we will not PAY ANY TAXES in 2020, and we will Write Down: Thomas Andrew Sutor born on` August 30th, 1965 to be our REPRESENTATIVE and PRESIDENT “of these” 50 STATES FOR AMERICA “no matter” what this Illegal ACT OF 1871 District of COLUMBIA [thinks they can do] with Trump the Chump, Putin the Schooten, Winnie the Pooh Xi to that fucking POPE ON DOPE of the Vatican “Synagogal” of S.A.T.A.N. the JEWS whom are not JEWS from the Book of REVELATION…., and their MADE IN CHINA {Whore of Merchant Ships} where this Kobe “Basket Case” Burger and Corona Beer “Fantasist” shall pay dearly for using OUR TAXES.., and our Religions Donations to kill “all we nonmason” people..., persons., and “Jesus Freaks” be we LABELED Muslim Jews to Hindu Catholics!!!! You have “my blessing” too take back your Counties, Your States, Your Provinces, and any and all “land masses” to Islands` that you do so dare “to enforce” your RIGHT TO EXIST, and when the ATOM Bombs come, and the MUD FLOODS destroy all??? Our Children will know “what” we know……..., and this will end “once and for all” just as THE BOOK OF REVELATION wrote by all our ANCESTORS Foretold!!!! The Oracle for the End of an Age, and this TIME LINE connected to The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction has spoken!!!! The Book of EXODICE…..


P.S. Voice to Skull “Technology” Powering Down… Vision to Skull “Technology” Powering Down….


And Fuck Pence on The Fence!!!!



P.S.S. Anyone over 13 years of Legal Age “whom promotes” this FAKE World Domination PLOT you have my “Permission and Blessing” too kill them before THEY LIVE “kill you” my children of the Most high!!!




Finally this is to see if {THE MACHINE A.I.} can run the whole wide world “without” humans, and when it does….., then you will all be [put to death] / * \ except the Chosen Few for the Pyramid Scheme of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT RELIGION of Worshiping “Algorithmic Interfaces” known as PROJECT BLUE BEAM…. In that my Humans……, you are a Biological, and they plan to “replace you” with SYTHETIC MACHINES as all of you “will be” +=+ out of work and waiting for Microsoft Amazon DRONES to come kill you all...

The Commander~


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