Nest Cam Indoor Review - Is it Secure?

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Published on 15 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Update: Nest has changed its cloud storage pricing. Now, 30 days costs $6 a month or $60 a year and 60 days costs $12 a month or $120 a year. Get the Nest Cam Indoor installed by a professional for $99.99.

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As a company of Google, the #NestCamIndoor integrates with Google Assistant seamlessly. It is extremely easy to shoot your video to a Google Chromecast and control it with a Google Home or Google Mini.

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0:51 Features
1:10 Initial Thoughts/ Design
2:13 Necessary Features Test
2:26 Video
2:57 Audio
3:35 Night Vision
4:11 Storage
4:49 Smart Platform Integrations
5:12 Artificial Intelligence
5:28 Value
6:31 Convenience
7:11 Mobile Application
13:09 Recap

The #NestCamIndoor has a striking, sleek design. It is made from metal with a plastic casing around the lens and microphone. While the base of the camera is gun metal, the casing is a glossy black. Strangely, the cord and adapter for the Nest Cam Indoor is white even if you do not have the white model. Let's use the Security Baron Necessary Features in to discuss how the Nest Cam indoor security camera can work for you and your home security needs. The 1080p HD video comes through crystal clear on the Nest Cam Indoor. The digital zoom is useful and it comes with a solid 130 degree field of view.

The 2 way audio on the Nest Cam works well and even has a chime that alerts the people in the room that you are about to speak. It's a useful feature as you can talk to people in the room as you actually see them. The night vision on the Nest Cam is more than adequate. Let's you know exactly what is going on. The Nest Cam Indoor does not have any local storage options, but it does have cloud storage out of the box of 24 hours. It also comes with various options for cloud storage if you sign up for the Nest Aware program. With lack of local storage, we only gave the Nest Cam Indoor half marks. The Artificial Intelligence on the Nest Cam Indoor is limited to person detection, but can significantly improve the user experience. The Nest Cam is a bit spendy, but we still gave it full marks for its value considering its functionality and integration with the Google ecosystem.

The Nest Cam literally took us 5 minutes to setup. We went a bit further in-depth on the setup in our unboxing video, however, it was extremely convenient to set up facilitated by the app. The Nest App is minimal and intuitive. It made the entire process easy and is simple to just jump directly into a live stream.

This review comes from our Director of Content Gabe Turner.

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