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Published on May 14, 2020
Natural disasters May 13, 2020 ! Earth disasters ! pulsation earth ! daily News !

Flood in Yakutsk
Due to the passage of the ice drift on the Lena River in Yakutsk, the “Emergency” mode was introduced
Preliminary damage from the elements exceeds the amount of 12 million rubles. Dozens of houses in which about 170 people live in the flood zone
The courtyard territories and houses of individual housing construction remain flooded in Tulagino, Kapitonovka, Kangalassi, Prigorodnoye, Darkylah, Khatassi and Tabag.
On May 3, the water level near the city of Yakutsk was 785 cm at a critical level of 780 cm
In some industrial areas, 50 people were affected by the flood

Texas Flood
The showers that took place in Startsville Texas (USA) led to a flash flood. Local floods are noted in the city, in places water reaches 50 cm in height
Several stores suffered, basements and ground floors were flooded.
Wildfire in Fresno (California)
In the south-west of Fresno, California (USA) a powerful grass fire broke out
24 fire brigades were summoned to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Church Avenue to fight 52 square km of fire
This was the third grass fire, which received an application to the Fresno fire service
The department says it's the 15th grass fire in the city in the last 4 days
A similar situation is happening in Utah, firefighters continue to fight a forest fire on Wednesday southeast of Salt Lake City, the fourth fire in one week. The flame, dubbed "Saddle Fire", took over 800 square km
Currently evacuated residents from 9 houses located in close proximity to the fire

Flood in France
In the city of Tartas in Mont de Marsan in southwestern France, showers caused flooding
This is the most severe flood since 1981, 100 liters per m2.
Firefighters conducted more than a hundred measures to prevent the consequences of the elements, 28 roads were cut off by water
46 people were saved by firefighters. No injuries or deaths have been reported.

Typhoon Ambo in the Philippines
Typhoon "Ambo" ("Wongfong") hit the Philippine island of Samar
In the Philippine Sea, the typhoon Ambo (Wongfong - according to international classification) hit the Philippines. He went on land in the municipality of San Policarpo in the northeastern part of the island of Samar and so far continues to move westward at a speed of 15 km / h. Wind speed near its center is estimated at 155 km / h, gusts reach 190 km / h,

Natural fire, wildfire in Italy
Italy suffers from forest fires; several outbreaks of fire spread in the country
Extreme heat up to 39 degrees and wind helps spread fire
In Palermo, the wind reached insane gusts: 126 km / h, in Bagheria, 111 km / h.
In the province of Palermo, up to 3 fires are recorded,
In the capital of Sicily, a fire broke out in the Via Altofonte area.
Fire brigades work together with police at the scene
Snow in St. Petersburg
Wet snow and rain passed in St. Petersburg in the morning. A layer of snow formed about 1 cm
In the Moscow region, snow cover littered the lawns, and snow is currently lying on cars parked on the streets. The snowfall in May attracted the attention of Petersburg residents who posted photos on social networks. Now in St. Petersburg, the air temperature is about 2.5 degrees Celsius.
City in Mexico
Large hail fell in Nuevo León (Mexico)
The locals were very surprised, in the afternoon a hail of huge size,
Hailstones larger than 10 cm in diameter fell from the sky. The trend of recent weeks is such that the hail that falls in different regions and countries has crossed the line of an average size of 6-7 cm in diameter
Earthquake in Dagestan
two earthquakes occurred on the border of the Khasavyurt and Kazbekovsky regions of Dagestan, as well as three kilometers from the Makhachkala village of Leninkent
magnitude 3.6 and magnitude 3.3
no casualties at the moment
flood in Uzbekistan
in the city of Zarafshan (Uzbekistan), a flood occurred due to debris flow. About 300 people were evacuated from the danger zone
At least four houses are damaged.
The emergency department sent 70 employees and nine pieces of equipment to the scene, they added to the Ministry of Emergencies.

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