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National Science Foundation Researches "Hate Speech" On Gab

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Published on 04 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to the National Science Foundation using taxpayer dollars to research hate speech on Gab for the purpose of using their research to create new AI systems that will allow them to censor content creators and users on the internet even more than they already are.

Federal Funds Used to Research ‘Hate Speech’ on Gab:

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

What Ever Happened to Little America???

For those of you’m whom “have graduated” from OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTIONAL Coalition “of and for” OUR Celestial Sphere {Energy Academies} +=+ where Magic is just utilizing A Machine that is UNNATURAL……..., not Super Natural for only [The Source] / * \ of All Creation and the Source of All Destruction “have the right” too be called Super among “we the people” and citizens of our Kingdom and “Queendom” of Pak-Toe where male and female “we work as one” to Protect the Womb of all life be it the “Seeds of Life” and Truth that WE ARE plant to grow food too eat` to those many other “Wombs” of the Beetles to the Wasp as our Sentinels “are everywhere” seeking to know why the HUMAN PEOPLE in this “very dire hour” are not UNIFIED too resit this Illuminati NEW WORLD ORDER “OF THE” UNITED NATIONS {of Free Mason Lodges} and their plan to blow the whole fucking place up once more to fulfill some Fucked Up PROPHECY about the RED DRAGON where Lucifer the STAR [Known as Jupiter] [{**}] will turn RED for the Third and final time…….., and kill we all….

You see, as soon as the last MUD FLOOD RESET happen if “that was” what it was at all……., or we just went into TOTAL ISOLATION for back in the {1980’s A.D.} of this Current TIME LINE there used to be people walking and hustling and “bustling” in these Cities of America From Las Vegas to the City of Miami Beach Prime!!! Yet…..., during these [last 5 years] [{*}] since the beginning of JADE HELM 15 an “A.I. Program” being run on the EDISON of “Forced Technology” that MANIPULATES our Holographic Simulation Celestial Sphere “Home World” of Purgatory….., we humans have been “decimated” as any city “without” WALKERS in the Day too the Night shows the People are missing…., and wiped out “long before” this FAKE ASS COVID19 was used to say: Go to Work, Hide in your Houses, and let them 2D HDTV FLAT SCREENS “Talking Heads” tell you everything is going to be Alright????? How is it “we have” so much Knowledge, and so many still have no FREE WILL…, or the “Right” to Choose???

Do you my EMPLOYEE know that word EMPLOYEE means “slave” be you A FREE MASON to those of you “whom belong” to our Society of nonmason.., and will this WAR of the WORLD finally “collapse” this place into Utter TOTAL Oblivion., and we will all “cease” to exist???? What of you little ones, do you want your moms and dads, grand parents, and all your Older Brothers and Sisters lives to come to an end “once more” by Plague….., and War…..., and another “Fuckery” of the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 2020 C.E. ????????? Have you “not known” YOU EMPLOY The Military…….., The Religions……., and ALL these “People” whom work for OUR GOVERNMENTS “be they” Male and Female and NOT FREE MASON Machine “C.O.P.S.”* to Private Contracted “Thugs” of these INTERNATIONALIST???? What of Trump the Chump and “Putin the Scootin” and Winnie The Pooh Xi??????? Are they nothing more then [Hollow People] living hollow lives as “we pay them” to tell us to Die for them and “their” U.N. Troops of Agenda 21+30 and These U.N. Troops now run all THE {Regional to District} too State and even FEDERAL COMMUNIST “CAPITALIST” SOCIALIST RULE OF LAW COURTS That we the people have no say in!!!

There once was a TIME when “Machines” did not own “we the people” of flesh and blood and bones..., and we BIOLOGICAL “took care” to use our Visionary “Ethnological” Mechanization TOOLS too create “Ponderous” Thunderous “Wondrous” Buildings.., and Flying Ships., and even “Cities Deep” in the Oceans with even Metro Trains and Trolleys that went from “here to there” and everywhere, and all had a purpose, all had a job, and even if you got hurt, you were NOT “Trapped” in a Wheelchair…., or a HOMELESS Shelter for “we used” what they now call MAGIC to heal “any affliction” that can overcome any ILLNESS or Disease in our “Hologram” TEMPORAL “Temporary” AVATAR Temple Bodies, and all was “so complete” that we did not need Military or Paramilitary POLICE FORCES for as A people we were “all united” as one PEOPLE…. Sadly, now we have G4S Types putting on our Protectors UNIFORMS “be they” the local police to “the city” PATROL Officer whom once PROTECTED us from all the Monsters, and now the LAW “is only used” to Protect the MONSTERS from “we the people” of moms and dads…

Johnny Exodice


You wanted to see “One” of the Two CONTINENTS “left off” the BLUE HELMET “U.N. Troops” FLAT EARTH MAP whom [walk among] we Humans in all lands “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…?, then here is our “Code Word” +=+ ATLANTIS location…., the other “Continent” is in The Indian Ocean “Code Named” Kulu……., and if you watch Pence at SPACE COMMAND, THEY LIVE use the INTERNATIONALIST “Code Words” Mars for Atlantis and “Moon” for Kulu where these {Traitors to all} mankind say: We need BOOTS ON THE GROUNDS on Mars……, and the Moon…..


So with all “your knowledge” of MUD FLOODS…., and the “Incubator Babies” of 1893 C.E. to 1945 A.D.. aka our True Blood Lines…., do tell me “why” the FIRST PLACE you go after WW2 with many things “is this” ICE LAND “not the” ICE WALL “of the” U.N. “Antarctica” Treaty….., unless, you know this place “has all” the old tech……., and [computer data] +=+ back ups for all knowledge????

S.A.T.A.N. and G.O.D. are a “Machine” called THE EDISON of Forced Technology...

mewe dot com >>> Johnny Exodice


Finally, why do YOU my man “fear” this MACHINE when it has “no Power” to Harm you for do not I the Oracle for the END of an Age and This TIME LINE “Still” walk among you??? Cut them wires, and all “will be fine” for WIRES are just “another way” to say you are Some THINGS Puppet…..


From PizzaGTAE Satanist “Joe Biden” to Trump the Chump, they live off our WELFARE!!!!


WE are all just People… There are no Races anymore….


Jesus said: What good is SALT if it loses its Saltiness??? What good is “A MAN” be you Male and Female if “you lose” your Courage!!! Do not lose that SALT in your Veins my Mankind!!!!


Finally HOW CAN YOU TEST For Something THEY Say: WE “have no Idea” What it is when they use that word Novel???? Cause it is just a Fucking “Pyramid” People Scheme Story!!!!


The Butterfly and Moth Kingdom and Queendom!!!!

The Commander~


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