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My #WalkAway Story (From Hispanic Socialist to Republican)

Krazy Panda
Krazy Panda - 207 Views
Published on 17 Sep 2018 / In People and Blogs

Sorry for jumping around a bit or mumbling at some parts, not a big fan of talking for this long. Here’s how I went from being a big advocate for socialism to being a redpilled republican over the span of about 5 years.
For those who don’t want to watch the whole thing:
I went to college, teachers talked about socialism and I loved it, then admired Bernie Sanders when he announced he was running. After doing some research I realized that the lefts economic policies don’t work, after being shot at, I realized their criminal policies don’t work. After meeting a lot of dumb college students, I realized that a tax-funded education system would be a total waste of money.
After receiving tax cuts and watching the effects of many businesses receiving their cuts (spilling to benefits, bonuses and raises for employees) I realized that the republicans are right.

I don’t have a Facebook at the moment, but if there anyone from the official #WalkAway movement that would like to use this clip, you have my full permission.

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Idaho Jim
Idaho Jim 1 year ago

Welcome , glad you came over from the Dark side. MAGA !!!

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