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My LGS Find, A Beat Up Old Worthless Smith and Wesson Model 10-5 and Question in Description Box

76Highboy Reloading
Published on 05 Jan 2020 / In Firearms


***The wind was unavoidable. Sorry for the noise in advance***

I saw this beat up old revolver in a LGS and had to have it. I knew there was a chance that for the price it would end up in a tackle box or a tool box and never be appreciated again. The timing was correct, cylinder lock up was perfect and the old girl was straight. Just used rough. I bought it because I know one thing, the older Smith revolvers shoot like no other.

My question to the viewers is, would you tear it down, remove the bluing and scratches, polish it, re-blue it and put new grips on it or, would you leave it as-is? If I do restore it I will do a complete video. The job would take a couple of months at least.


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no0negun 3 months ago

It’d be cool to see the gun restored if possible. Not sure if doing a video on every step would cause me to tune in each time but the end product would be neat to see.
Perhaps a highlight montage video of the process start to finish would be very entertaining.

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76Highboy Reloading
76Highboy Reloading 3 months ago

It would be a single video. It is good to see you over here. Highboy

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