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Mr Karen Covid Mary Sanger snitches on black pastors, spreads #WuhanFlu & helps murder babies

Kenny W
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Published on 18 Apr 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Activists from every20seconds.org protested at 4 office Park Drive in Little Rock Arkansas around 8am-11 or so on Good Friday when it was scheduled to be open.
The murder the unborn clinic was opened on Tuesday and Thursday of that week and had vehicles from out of state. Governor Asa Hutchinson & his Arkansas Health Department refused to shutdown the abortion clinic in the state like Texas and Louisiana other states have done (Oklahoma and Oregon clinics defied their state orders).
It appears that this "redstate" governor is using an "investigation" excuse to keep the Sanger racial cleansing business open.
A Federal appeals court ruled in favor of Texas shutting down their abortion clinic.

The Little Rock Police Department was called to the clinic, but instead of shutting down the facility or even discouraging out of state folks from spreading the #WuhanFlu,
they attempted to "enforce" a noise permit ordinance. The officers claimed that their supervisor had told them to stop the protest in front of the clinic
due to Pastor Justin not having a permit. Prolife activists held their ground and demanded clarification.
The supervisor showed up and then ordered the other officers to leave without any expanation as to who gave the fake order to shut us down.
livestream of the whole event with comments and updates:

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Kenny W
Kenny W 4 months ago

I don't know the guy's name, so I gave him a gender fluid one that describes him

If you are sick of screwups by our leaders like this #wuhanflu, like, share, comment and subscribe to folks like me



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