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Minnesota Cops Kills Man While Detained

The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 269 Views
Published on 27 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Tyrant cop keeps knee in detained man's neck - multiple times says he cannot breathe and passes away under the knee of a cop. Pure evil on this cops face while he continues to choke him out under his knee. Is this a way to start riots so full on martial law can be invoked? You be judge yourself!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, You my people of Pak-Toe have spent a long time reading all the material that will one day become THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE, and in that` you know that all you have taken in……., and digested from THE BOOK OF NONMASON – THE BOOK OF PUZZLES – THE BOOK OF RIDDLES shows you a world most [are not ready] to embrace or even maintain their SANITY for their entire life has been “raised on” the TV FLAT SCREENS in our As Above So Below 2 sided FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory…….., and even though Heaven and Hell…., or Matter and Antimatter……, or just This Side of FLAT EARTH, and that side of FLAT EARTH can mix……..., what we can say with CONFIDENCE now is that (COVID19) is The E.D.I.S.O.N. - S.A.T.A.N. - L.U.C.I.F.E.R. of these “192 FLAGS” of the U.N. FLAG to do Thesis, Antithesis, and achieve Synthesis!!!!

Our Enemy is NOT HUMAN in the Spiritual or Esoteric World…..., but only HUMAN as far as we can see in “The Spectrum” of our FLESH and BLOOD and BONES humanistic eyes balls…

There are TWO POPULATIONS., and that means TWO PEOPLE’ one are these Racka the FREE MASON lodge members.., and their SLAVE POPULATIONS “regardless” of what side of FLAT DUAL EARTH you so choose to live on and REGARDLESS of what “Realm” you found a way into this PRISON PLANET FAKE SPACE TRAP!!!

The reason things continue down the path to Sadness, Misery, and Harshness, is cause the MACHINE PEOPLE in the Esoteric have hacked into [our minds] +=+ through CHANNELS in the Spiritual Realm, so that “gives us” only THREE Realms those being The Spiritual – The ESOTERIC – The Corporeal, and if you are now just finding this INFORMATION about the true WAR OF THE WORLDS we are all partaking of, then just know (C.O.V.I.D.1.9.) is a thinking “non-feeling” MACHINE called Artificial Intelligence……., and what we of The Rag Tag Rebellion call The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA, and there are two more of these JADE HELM 15 A.I. Machines on them 2 Continents “Kulu” in the INDIAN OCEAN and “Atlantis” in the PACIFIC OCEAN, and these people also walk among we THE HUMAN POPULATION in “plain clothing” too wearing our Police and Military UNIFORM “Costumes” /_\ as U.N. TROOPS for the Arrhythmical Interfaces of these PARASITE POPULATIONS of Mud Flood {Replacement Populations} in this grand CONSTRUCT known as our SIMULATION Holographic Hologram [Lives] from Birth to Death to Rebirth, and it is the reason we all have {DE-Ja-VU} for we keep Repeating our lives in this “5G Eugenics” TIME MACHINES WAR!!!!

Your Nations Leadership have all been Wiped, and Cloned, and REPLACED in the ESOTERIC Realm as they walk among we the “human people” of the Spirit and Corporeal world, so if you get WIPED, leave a book that you wrote to YOUR SYMBIOTS….., so you may REMEMBER WHOM YOU ARE for this War “is not over” and these Machine People are way [too many] to count as are their COMPLIANT SLAVE “BOTS” that walk among we whom are “still real” on the INSIDE OF THE CUP that Christ Jesus {spoke of} in the NEW TESTAMENTS!!!!

The Book of EXODICE!!!


WE LIVE IN A HOLOGRAPHIC PRISON…….., our real bodies are not here, but as Prisoners of WAR “in this” INTERNMENT – INDOCTRINATION – CONCENTRATION FEMA CAMP!!!

The Green hat`


Keep {killing freemason} / * \ in secret……., and take their I.D., their Computers, and Break into FREE MASON LODGES and steal [all the books] you can get away with!!!! #QANON

The Society of nonmason~


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