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Millions in Counterfeit Money From China - look at what we found

Conscious Mind's
Conscious Mind's - 107 Views
Published on 19 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Counterfeit 100 dollar bills, knockoffs of expensive products and fake gold coins from China are being sold on the internet. We stumbled onto a web site where much of it is sold.

Sometimes called the "Chinese Ebay, Wish.com is a web site and ap that connects sellers in China to buyers in the rest of the world. Wish looks out for out right fraud, people who take money and return nothing, but as for what the sellers choose to sell, well they leave that up to the sellers. Who sell darn near anything. But most of what is here are knockoffs of expensive western electronics and other products. Like 100 dollar bills. Gold coins. Gold bars. Antique silver coins. All fake, and all for a buck or two.

BUT also cheep toys and other goods at below bargain prices.

We have NO IDEA if them selling some of this is legal, but passing off fake money, gold or products as real will land you in very serious trouble. BUT as we collect toys, lets just call this play money. And make sure no one ever gets ahold of it!!

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Vaccavo 2 months ago

I call them "Wishit".

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