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Military Reforms of Diocletian - Roman Imperial Army DOCUMENTARY

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 41 Views
Published on 30 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Our animated historical documentary series on the evolution of Roman armies and tactics continues with a video on the military reforms of Roman Emperors Gallienus, Diocletian and Constantine, as the introduction of limitanei, comitatenses and other reforms changed the armies of the Roman empire.

Previous videos in the Evolution of Armies and Tactics series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=UIRS_PMeVVY&list=P

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The video was made by our friend Arb Paninken http://bit.ly/2Ow3oC8 while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficiallyDevin)

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

When Chances are no longer a Choice…

You would think our World Leaders would appreciate living off our WELFARE making them Servants to The Public, but do Our Presidents, Our Kings, Our Queens do the will of the CONSTITUTIONS in any land, or do they just take and beg for more Donations to their Churches, Their Religions, Their Temples, and all the Rest??? How often do you pay for them to work for you my CITIZEN??? You see, the World Thinks it hates the United States OF America when we the people and persons in these 50 Nations are actually the UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA, and só many will do nothing about the ACT OF 1871 that seems to flow só close to the end of the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 as these WORLD LEADERS Cover up the Mud Floods, and the Fake Space, and the FLAT EARTH this Celestial Sphere that we all live within to find our way through Purgatory, and yet??? No Charity ever helps those in need, and NO GOVERNMENT Does what we the people please…

You see it is not just this MADE IN CHINA U.S. FLAG of these FREE MASON Lodges that really pisses me off, it is you whom do nothing about them FREE MASON in your Home Towns whom play games with your lives be you nonmason Police Officers, nonmason Military Personnel, too all YOU nonmason going to RELIGIONS Run by the FREE MASON from the Middle East to the Asiatic to the Down Under to You name your South American DICTATORSHIP, and why is it these Light Skins feel they have the right to deny we the POOR regardless of our Skin Tones??? After all, each time you buy a Candy Bar, you get a TAX that is the WELFARE Queens and Kings taken… How much in your life time have you paid in Taxes – Tithes – Tributes to these WELFARE BABIES from Trump the Chump to Putin the Schooten??? All GOVERNMENT live off our Welfare, and yet they use our own People to lock us up, tell us what to do, and how to behave???? Do tell me my CITIZENS why you pay these people too SERVE you, and yet from Macron in France to the King of Saudi Arabia they just shoot and kill you???

Now they spray our Skies with this Cornono VIRUS and say: China did it!!! But, we know that FREE MASON Lodge hires all the DOCTORS whom inject us with Hypodermic Needles that poison…., and put Venom into to us nonmason and our nonmason Children!!! These FREE MASON C.O.P.S. whom do not honor we their FELLOW CITIZENS “have no right” to arrest any person when we have “NO SAY” in the LAWS when we pay for the Judges as these Courts also are “WELFARE” Check Jerks and Pukes, and yet, they come to our doors too TAKE OUR GUNS under JADE HELM 15 and PROJECT BLUE BEAM???? Moreover, everyone on TV is a LIAR and more “of these” FREE MASON FUCKS From the Dead and “Murdered” Kobe Bryant “by we” The Society of nomason for Sacrificing his own “FATHER” too become “The Super Star” that all you Fools Worship……..., and now the TV TALKING HEADS “Act” as if they are sad he is dead, and that they THE “whole world” is crying??? I am not falling for this shit no more!!!! They Never landed on the MOON!!! There ain’t no fucking SPACE FORCE except {Secret Police} too come take you from “your homes” while you sleep….

In all this my CITIZENS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION we must find [better ways] to let the AIR out of their Tires…….., Cut the Wires to their Machines of Death and Destruction……., and teach these “PARASITES” they might think they run the world through their UNITED NATIONS {International Mafia} of FREE MASON Lodges…..., but we The Society of nonmason [have many ways] to take out Filth….., and Scum…., and Parasites whom be “walking among us” / * \ in HUMAN FORM when they are “nothing more” then Demonic Entities known as Incubus and Succubus!!!! TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH I SAY!!!! Why would I pay ANY GOVERNMENT when we the people are “no longer considered” THE GOVERNMENT??? Remember “my Citizens” of the World we are too “GOVERN” the Kings and Queens and Presidents..., and if all they do is be “Socialites” off OUR WELFARE MONEY that they take and take and take.., then as “A CITIZEN” of my World., I will Play this Game No More… GAME OVER!!!

Johnny Exodice


And JUST só you know… ANY Person in any Nation that buys MADE IN CHINA pays a Tax só the U.S. FLAG of Made in China can Drop Bombs on you!!!!


Watch and Learn…


And just know People of the Middle East you are all Brothers Sisters, and it was The Shah of Iran and the King of Saudi Arabia that Murdered General Persian Arab Hebrew +=+ SULEIMAN!!!


And one last thing!!! These Ships can hold 6,000 Souls and our Taxes in our Nations as CITIZENS can not use the Floating Cities to Rescue the People in Australia to Helping any Poor and in Need in any land??? Then the U.N. FLAG and the U.S. FLAG and all FLAGS "only serve" the COMMUNIST {FREE MASON} Lodges of Made In China…. The Society of nonmason~

The Commander~



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