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Military Hummer For Sale - M1045A2 HMMWV - Battlewagon 2.0

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Published on 02 Oct 2019 / In Cars and Vehicles

This is a real 3rd generation M1045A2 military HMMWV that retired from the USMC in late 2018.
It has a few harder to find parts and a truly rare low profile Ibis Tek front bumper, as well as a fully operational rotating hatch and mount assembly in the roof, with an aluminum chicken shield. The 6.5L diesel and 4 speed transmission result in a comfortable cruising speed around 80 mph. 1st and 2nd generation HMMWVs are limited to about 57 mph.
This is NOT an H1 Hummer, which is the civilian version of the HMMWV. However, when the HMMWV project created these beasts they often said "Hummer", since "HMMWV" is hard to say.

The Battlewagon 2.0 is for sale!

What you need to know to buy a US Military surplus Humvee?

What you see in this video isn't what the Hummer looked like when we bought it! See the condition our latest Hummer was in when we purchased it from the USMC, as well as some highlights of repairs and upgrades required to get it running and roadworthy. https://youtu.be/QDEcg6xb4Xc

More info on the Battlewagon 2.0 can be found on our project overview page:

Daily HMMWV updates page:

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