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Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 27th, 2019

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 73 Views
Published on 27 Jan 2019 / In Non-profits and Activism

Twitter: @WGONLinda

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1FourYeshua 3 months ago

Hello Sister: Feb 2 2019 ... you'll laugh at this one... I couldn't remember where I had started a channel... winds up it's right here on UGETube. I actually had to go to one of our earlier emails and search cause I had remembered speaking with you this. I do think it's time = NOW = FEB 1/2019 to really start promoting UGETube to all your YT viewers ... that's all we need is for everyone to make the move to UGETube and we'd be all set ... Love you, Sister!

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 3 months ago

Hi Hun!!! I'll have to sub to you here then!! I always list all my platforms under my YT videos. However, people get use to something and won't move unless moved forcably...God does that to us too, as you know. I've mentioned in my YT videos about Ugetube telling them it is the same as YT so no worry about relearning to use it but they won't come here. Oh well. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!! LOL...love you hun!!!

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