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Miami is way OLDER then Santa Barbara, but Santa B does have The TIME MACHINE!!! Jeppo Jinx~

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 116 Views
Published on 04 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

You wanted HD Blips as I walked about the City of Miami Beach, then you so shall have them... The Society of nonmason~

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

You have to “get up” and face the day…

For many have come to depend on you……..., and “you are” their world…….., their hope……., and their need… You were born to be “The Hope of the World” even if this World of PURGATORY can not be saved…..., and in that….., you have “A Choice” to make each “moment to moment” you are trapped in the ETERNAL Present… Do I think for myself…., and choose “too be something” I wish and want to be..., or do I faultier.., and only live “the lies” of the TV SCREEN??? You see., you are more then just your Flesh and Blood and Bones “in your” TEMPORARY Corporeal Carnal Body TEMPLE Avatar, you are the “whips” of the winds, the “rays” of the sun, and the “energy” that powers the moon to keep “her” rolling through the firmament in our skies… We are “but visitors” to this Realm, and we have but one Lay Over in this Purgatorium, só as we Battle the Racka, and the Filth, and the Disdained, we must….., and shall “be worthy” of JUDGEMENT by the Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction…

I know you ponder “what will happen” when the MUD FLOODS COME??? I know you dread when “they live” will shoot the STARS out of Mother Heaven, and I know you pace the halls of Sanity wishing you were insane…., and that none of what the Oracle for the End of an Age speaks was real… That Said, now that you have All Knowledge, and you “Comprehend” All Mysteries, what shall you do when the STORM TROOPERS of the “United Nations” INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges march on the Streets “in your” home towns??? Do you have a plan to shoot them dead, and use “the cars” of the Community too lock up all INTERSTATES by parking the cars in the “Thousands” on the Access points to your County and Province, and then Arming all the CITIZENS in your Location as is “The Duty” of the Town Mayor and City Sheriff??? Have you taught the little ones “too cut the wires” to the Telephones, and the Internet, and the TV Sets??? This is now your duty to keep “your people” and your community alive!!!

In Purgatory….., we are too learn “the lesson” of what happened in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen WARS that happened over and over in a place called FLAT “DUAL” EARTH, and as we tread our ways into the old wine skins, we must see them OLD WINE SKINS have nothing more “too offer” for their UP and DOWN Stock Markets are the “Leash of Death” and Damnation…., and “the way” too becoming The FORSAKEN… We have “no need” too hide OUR FACE with Make up, or Cosmetics, or any DISTRACTION "Tack Tics" of Jewelry, Hair Styles, or them Pricey Shoes, and Neck Ties…., and These impoverished Dresses THEY WEAR “be they” $10,000,00 Suites to the White Washed Walls of the “Tartarian People” we all once were… This Celestial Sphere is our Home World, and this man made THING called The EDISON with its “Forced Technology” has been given too WORSHIP by “FOOLS and Foundlings” known as these FREE MASON Lodge members whom “would rather die” in death and REJECTION “then own” what they have done….., and help us SHUT DOWN the Termination “Depopulation” Algorithms for they still believe in their ELDERS whom died off “long ago” in 1850 A.D.

Our Towns are Empty…., and our “Youth” are no more… Yet, we do still have babies…., and we will need many more!!! You can not stand with a “Liar” for they will lead you into Hell, and Hades, and The WORLD OF THE DEAD!!! If you want to be you….., then you must Declare that Popeye Song and “Sing” I am what I am…., and I “do belong” to the great WE ARE!!! You see….., we care not what “must happen” in PURGATORY; as long as, we do our best to ESTABLISH Our World Republic Constitution COALITION, and fight “well and strong” and vicious against all U.N. FLAGS for these “flags” of THEIR “Governments” and “Religions” and “Academies” DO NOT FEED US for they are all “Legacies of Lies” and Losers and FAKE SPACE Hoosiers!!! WE have “seeds to plant” to feed those “whom wil live on” after the next RESET “for no one” seems to know how to turn off the A.I. DRONES??? Nevertheless….., I am not a MACHINE PERSON, or Soul, or Symbiot, I am the True Person, Soul, and Symbiot, and I will do the “Battle Dance” till my Body is long gone and forgotten…..

Johnny Exodice


You POLICE DEPARTMENTS are to Protect and Guide and Help the CITIZENS of your COUNTIES and STATES and the U.S. FLAG has "No Jurisdiction" over your LOCAL POLICE "no matter" how many FREE MASON [Made In China] U.S. FEDERAL LAWS they pass!!!

The Society of nonmason~


JADE HELM 15 and this “ACT OF 1871” District of Columbia aka The [U.S. FLAG] is an Illegal Occupying Force in any land…., not just OUR “50 STATES” FOR AMERICA!!!

Just know they passed this nCor “Death Virus” by way of all the {Candy Vape Oils} that the CDC removed from the Market to [DESTROY the Evidence] / * \ that this ILLEGAL [U.S. FLAG] made the whole world sick….., and this is the real [MADE IN CHINA] +=+ FREE MASON Fuckery!!!

The Commander~



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