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Mental Disorders and Religion: The Perfect Storm w. Joey Svendsen of BadChristian (Video Interview)

The System is Down
Published on 10 Jan 2019 / In Film and Animation

The question of the day is.... Is teaching your children to be afraid of hell actually child abuse?

I may not have suffered from clinical OCD and depression as a child, but I do know first hand how stressful, obsessive, and depressing it can be to grow up with a fundamentalist pentecostal christian mindset.

Today's episode is my conversation with the great Joey Svendsen of the Bad Christian Podcast, the Pastor With No Answers Podcast, campus pastor of Seacoast Church, and author of the fantastic book FundaMENTAList.

Joey was raised in a very legalistic pentecostal Christian household and suffered from OCD and depression his entire life. If you're not familiar, just know that these three ingredients are an extreme recipe for disaster. In this conversation we got into some of the crazy stories of Joey's childhood and how his mental disorders influenced and fed off of his likely unhealthy religious beliefs. We also discussed how his beliefs have changed over the years, his views on hell, how he has managed to remain a Christian after all that life has dealt him, and much more.

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

Let’s get weird!

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