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Max Igan’s rant gets him deleted from YT 8 Jul 20 UNCENSORED See WARNING BELOW

Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem - 88 Views
Published on 15 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation


Is use of such obscene, derogatory and violent language necessary?

I share this edit of the final video Max uploaded before his channel – the Crowhouse – was terminated – FOR COMMENT – *****IS USING SUCH LANGUAGE REALLY NECESSARY?******

In excess of 47,000 had already viewed the video by the Australian and liked it before a day later it was deleted. Max had over 276,000 subscribers so his views are appealing to people.

In the interests of free speech, education and discussion purposes to provide context for comment, I have not edited any of Max’s words and as such I need to issue an obscene language and violent content warning and also a warning not to follow Max’s advice in any way, shape, or form in his incitement to violence and act physically against the government.

The edit includes images of Daniel Andrews, Scott Morrison, an image of an unknown article and a short clip of Bill & Melinda Gates which were taken from public sources but are copyrighted to other parties – ****I do not hold copyright and these are included only for demonstration purposes and to allow for the continuity of conversation so it may be opened to public comment. I use all material in this video under common use and licensing****.

Please include in your comments where you are from, as this is a discussion about things that effect people differently in different parts of the world, so your unique perspective in your comment comes from what you experience locally – it is context to your opinion.

Max has been cancelled on Facebook and his 2nd channel on YT has now been terminated after 7 out of his last 10 videos were removed by censorship. All his videos can be found on BitChute and his website

AGAIN: IMPORTANT – usage is under common law for the educational purposes of allowing comments to discuss the issue of Max’s outburst and not the content of his outburst. Viewers need to show their own discretion with content and not to act on any of the suggestions he makes.

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