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Matt Hancock on 'Antivaxxer Threat' to Vaccine 'Panacea'. Downing Street Press Conf. 04 May 2020 BBC

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Published on 05 May 2020 / In News and Politics

4:20 Question and Answer about 'Antivaxxers' = Hancock's answer makes no rational sense whatever!

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Covid-19 Vaccine and 'Antivaxxers'
With Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan van Tam
& Head of Testing at Public Health England Professor John Newton
Downing Street Press Conference Monday 4th May 2020 - BBC 5 Live

Matt Hancock launches desperate plea to COVID-19 anti-vaxxers 'vaccines save lives!'
MATT HANCOCK warned COVID-19 anti-vaxxers there has been "no greater demonstration in modern history" of a need for a vaccine.
By SVAR NANAN-SEN Mon, May 4, 2020

The Health Secretary stated during the daily coronavirus press conference that the coronavirus vaccine will save lives once it has been licensed. Mr Hancock outlined that independent regulators would not license a COVID-19 vaccine until it had been proved to be safe. The Conservative MP urged all members of the public to follow the Government's advice regarding vaccines.

Do you have a message for those anti-vaxxers here and abroad when we do get a vaccine for COVID-19?"

Mr Hancock replied: "

There has been no greater demonstration in modern history that vaccines save lives than the need for a vaccine to save lives and to get the world going again following the outbreak of COVID-19.
"We will only license a vaccine when it is both effective and safe.

"Even when the independent regulators license a vaccine in this country they will do so knowing that it is safe and everybody should follow that advice."

The UK Government's exit strategy conditions (Image: Express)
During the press conference, the Health Secretary also explained how the new track and trace app would help tackle the coronavirus outbreak: "We're now in a position to start introducing the next part of our plan: track and trace.

Swedish Ambassador Says Stockholm Expected To Reach 'Herd Immunity' In May
April 26, 2020 H.J. MAI

Sweden's ambassador to the U.S. believes the country's controversial strategy of imposing only limited restrictions — and not locking down the country — is bearing success, with the capital, Stockholm, on course to reach herd immunity in the next few weeks.

"About 30% of people in Stockholm have reached a level of immunity," Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter told NPR. "We could reach herd immunity in the capital as early as next month."

Herd immunity means the majority of a given population has become immune to an infectious disease either by recovering from it or through vaccination. Some researchers have put the threshold for coronavirus herd immunity at 60% in some areas.

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