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Martin Jetpack Series 1 - From Concept to Reality Video

BlackTalon - 204 Views
Published on 16 Oct 2018 / In Cars and Vehicles

The story behind our Series 1 Jetpack from the rationale behind the current development to the latest phase of the testing programme.

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HolyGuacamoly 6 months ago

So they went from being something awesome and small/manageable, to essentially a wobbly helicopter drone without the cabin that takes a giant
trailer and forklift to move around. This isn't even a jetpack anymore. "Jetpack Indicates that its a backpack that powers air travel with jet propulsion... Not a massive vehicle/mech suit. I think they need to go back to the drawing board. This guy already made this a while ago.

They should probably go talk to him. It most assuredly costs about 1/100 th of the price and is about 100X more practical, and looks like it maneuvers about 100 times better. This seems like a government project . Hey guys lets make jetpacks. But, Lets make them even bigger, with jets, and chrome, and it needs to fly through the air, and be awesome. - main guy, "why don't we just make a 1 man helicopter" -underling. "NO NO NO NO NO, too simple. We need to make this as technologically advanced as possible!!!" - main guy "but won't that cost the taxpayers a lot more? And it will be hard to move around cause it will be so big" -underling "BAHHHHHH not important, it needs to be AWESOME"-main guy. (ends up creatng solo manned drones) Reminds me of the whole space pen thing.
I long for the days when we can have a REAL jetpack. That will be AWESOME.

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