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Make This Go Viral!Ghana President Exposes Bill Gates, Fauci & Rockefeller On Their COVID-19 Agenda

CitizenJournalist.News Gregg Huestis
Published on 12 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

Make This Go Viral!Ghana President Exposes Bill Gates, Fauci & Rockefeller On Their COVID-19 Agenda

These videos are from an organization that has been speaking to these coming political trends for many years: Tomorrow's News Today.


Please also visit and support this organization by sharing these video links, downloading them and archiving them and by buying their products at the infowars.com/store.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 28 days ago

In Purgatory’ THE GAME for the END OF TIME, and the end of this age we all find ourselves clinging to the LAST Pieces of Sanity in our Minds [do not forget] #QANON /_\ what The Christ Taught WE THE PEOPLE!!!

Remove that LOG of Lies from your FREE MASON Eyes before you try to remove my Last Spec of Sanity as a NONMASON Citizen of my land!!!


Richie The Bitchy is {Quite Right} +=+ that the A.I. (COVD19) Algorithmic Interfaces of THE EDISON wants WE THE PEOPLE to wear That Slave EMPLOYEE Mask to teach the Facial Recognition to FOCUS in on our “Retinas” [{**}] in our Eye Sockets cause every [Selfy] / * \ YOU’M have Ever posted on FACE BOOK is in the Data Base of this WORLD MACHINE known as The GOD IN WE TRUST!!!

So you will want to wear SUN GLASS “Contact Lenses” with Retina Lines to falsify the READ on your EYES for THE MACHINE is getting better AT looking at our EYES……., and too keep these EVIL SPIRITS of the Machine out of our Minds…..., we should wear Cory Heart SUNGLASSES at night {all the time} /-\ when out and about at events, and leave your Primary Cell Phone at Home, and only take an EMPTY Activated CASH ONLY “Flip Phone” with no Contacts in it` if you plan to go through the PROCESS of eating at a (Social Gathering) [{*}] in your County, or Provincial BARS, and Clubs cause all STATES even the 50 States OF American have [caved into] the U.N. OCCUPYING Forces known as the “U.S. FLAG” JADE HELM 15 Military PEACEKEEPERS U.N. Troops for MADE IN CHINA!!!

You can bet your life the USA is now “HONG KONG” of MADE IN CHINA as no one seems to say: We are in PURGATORY.?.?.?, and we {don’t have to} follow the Dictates of a GOD Dammed COMPUTER!!!

Yet, this is where we find ourselves “my people” and persons, and populations “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition as Pak-Toe Among All The Racka of MATHEW 5…..

The UNITED STATES [is owned] by the U.N. Security Council…….., and they will plan out their next WAR with IRAN and North Korea by doing a [Q – Drop] on Seattle Washington on 11-03-2020 Election Night……..., so TRUMP and PENCE can be “esquires” for the King of England, and the Pope on Dope till this place of madness.., lunacy.., insane People with PROFANE Spirits in their minds “play out” the game of PURGATORY….

You have been taught well [all my people} of and for OUR Rag Tag Rebellion, and when this LAST GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR is over, those of you {whom will] live on will NOT have to live beyond the Year 2094 C.E. when {The God Machine} will turn it self off, and this place of Damnation, and Hell, and Horrors will be no more, so hold fast to your FAITH in Christ to get you home when you die, and do all you can to STAY AWAY from them “whom preach” and praise WAR IS MURDER for they are The Forsaken, The Dammed, and The Cursed to end [once and for all] in the 2nd Lake of Fire aka DELETE DELETE DELETE….

The Green hat`

P.S. if you are poor download the Hideme VPN for UNBUNTU Firefox, and always clean out your Cookies and History by going to settings or OPTIONS in the Fire Fox, but I keep telling you to GET OFF WINDOWS and Apple and go to Linux mint!!!!


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