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GhettoLion - 319 Views
Published on 16 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

The Dems must be in full Panic mode at this point. The Kids are now waking up in droves. #GenZPunkedTrump and now are woke to #EndHumanTrafficking

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 19 days ago

Make sure all your LOCAL RADIO - CB Radios - Ham Radio…., and 2-WAY Radios are charged and working proper...


Also go buy some stuff to make a Faraday Cages for these {EMP Blast} +=+ from these 5G WEAPONIZED CELL TOWERS……., and the eventual Nuclear Hydrogen War of 2020 C.E. when The Snake Blood Line of PENCE….. will kill The Eagle his [Blood Brother] /-\ known as Donald “Johnny Exodice” TRUMP on November 3rd, 2020 C.E.!!!!


Cause we see all..., and we know all……, and on [11-03-2020] #QANON /_\ the U.N. FLAGS of the U.S. Military will Drop Atom (Holocaust Bombs) of (COVID19) on Seattle Washington USA during ELECTION Night [the same moment] [{**}] PENCE will Stab his BLOOD Brother FREE MASON Knight of Malta TRUMP to bring in the NEW AGE of Demons.., and Devils culling all of mankind till we “all die out” in just under ONE GENERATION in the MUD FLOOD “Extinction” Cataclysm of 2094 C.E. where one of you…….., or you children will be the LAST PERSON “in the world” / * \ on that Dreadful Day as WAR IS MURDER even when Murder is against ALL The RULES and LAWS of this fucking SIMULATION GAME called the Nightmare “Waking” DREAM we keep waking up too’ after our Holographic [Virtual Reality] [{*}] DREAMS while we sleep in Stasis {down here} in our Celestial Sphere FLAT EARTH Home World of PURGATORY….


The Commander~


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Batfly 20 days ago

War... It's asymmetrical warfare and the body count is rising every day.
The agenda is to cull at least 200 million U.S. citizens by 2025

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Back2Paranormal 20 days ago

Great video, thanks for sharing. Lets all Wake the Hell Up regarding this covid "pandemic of panic" by the "powers that be" for lack of a better term, that is slowly removing our freedom from right under our noses in the name of "for the good of all" .... Bull Sh%t! is what it is.

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Jean Schoonbroodt
Jean Schoonbroodt 21 days ago

Ghetto Lion : A message which might be important to you or your father : https://videos.utahgunexchange.....com/watch/to-all-wh

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 21 days ago

Trump Against Traffikers!

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