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Magtech Ammo - History

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Published on 04 Mar 2019 / In Firearms

Learn the history of Magtech Ammo and visit us at https://ammo.com/brands/magtech-ammo for the best discount Magtech ammunition online!

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Produced since 1926, Magtech is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with plants in Minnesota and Germany. The ammunition – which has a reputation for being high quality, consistent and affordable – is shipped from the manufacturing plant in Brazil to all parts of the globe. Magtech sells ammo in more than 50 countries and to more than 20 law enforcement agencies across Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Magtech manufactures each individual component of their ammunition in house for production of their ammo. Some other companies purchase the components that Magtech makes to assemble their own cartridges, and other Magtech components are sold to individual reloaders for their own use. They produce calibers for civilian shooters that range in size and power, from the diminutive .25 ACP to the hand cannon .500 S&W Magnum. They produce shotgun shells from the entire spectrum, including 12gauge, 16gauge, 20gauge, 24gauge, 28gauge, and .410 bore. They manufacture ammunition for the military of Brazil, including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .50 BMG and even larger calibers.

Magtech is available for nearly every application and produces ammunition for a variety of shooters, from those who shoot for sport to hunters and those who need self protection.

Leading the way in terms of ammunition cleanliness at the range, Magtech's CleanRange line features Fully Encapsulated Bullets and primers free of lead, which eliminates lead in the air. The shooter also enjoys a cleaner gun after a session of shooting, and a cleaner environment at the shooting range.

Magtech's solid copper hollow point bullet is an outstanding innovation. The previous standard was a copper jacketed lead core bullet, but the copper jacket can tear off the lead core, which is impossible with a solid copper bullet. When copper tears off the lead core, the projectile loses weight and expands less, which reduces energy transfer into the target. Magtech makes this bullet both for their hunting and personal protection lines.

Shooters around the globe will continue to choose Magtech for their reliable, high-quality, and affordable ammunition.

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