MagicPrepper Surefire Stiletto Made In USA EDC Upgrade You're Going To Want

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Published on 30 May 2020 / In Firearms

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Published January 4 2020
"Surefire Stiletto : EDC Upgrade You're Going to WANT! The Surefire Stiletto Flashlight is an AWESOME piece of American Made Everyday Carry Gear! It has a maximum output of 650 lumens, is USB rechargeable and has a flat profile to make for easy carry! In this video I'll show you my first impressions and a quick demo of the light. Is the the best flashlight for everyday carry? Surefire has always made amazing flashlights especially when it comes to the realm of everyday carry. Their prices are all over the spectrum of affordability which is perfect for getting high quality, EDC, tactical flashlights in the hands of everyone. The Surefire Stiletto is no exception coming in at around $100. The Stiletto is also perfect for carrying as it might be the lowest profile tactical light on the market! Which goes back to the question, is it the best flashlight for EDC? It most definitely is an everyday carry upgrade! First off, the Stiletto is a flashlight made in the USA which is awesome! Surefire is one of the largest manufacturers of American made everyday carry flashlights. They do use some imported parts (mostly LEDs from China) but, that is only to help reduce cost and provide the highest quality components. They are assembled and produced right here in The United States of America. So, when someone asks, " is Surefire made in America? ", the correct answer is "yes, with some imported parts." I learned about this from:
EDC Specialties." -Magic Prepper

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