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Magic of the "movies" or Hollywood's branwashing 2

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 138 Views
Published on 15 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Presidential PARDONS are the TOOLS of the Devil…

In my heart of Hearts I know that to FORGIVE one whom is “non Repentant” is the ways of SATAN……..., and as I have grown up thinking “my Presidents” were Decent and Kind and Good People…….., I can now see ALL NATIONS “have nothing more” then Tyrants and Barbarians for Leaders… Too be sure……., the UNITED STATES “CORPORATION” that is this U.S. FLAG is nothing more then A “Company” of Death and War and Misery for só many around the world…..., and as “One Third” of the U.S. Citizenry are Traitors doing Sedition and “High Treason” from the Lowest Positions to the Highest Positions in “what I thought” was OUR NATION has turned out to be nothing more then THEIR NATION of Guns and Weapons and Tanks and Jets and Black Hawk MILITARY EXPANSIONIST where anyone “whom does not” teach and preach FAKE SPACE shall be arrested….., round up…., and and “taken away” by SPACE FORCE…, and Trumps RED FLAG LAWS where Executive “Privilege” makes the Congress.., Senate., and Supreme Courts “nothing more” then a Disgrace too Integrity!!!

The RULE OF LAW as I was raised “was to be” as impressive as them Ten Commandments from the Old Testament Books of the Bible, and even though I have “come to see” there are No Gods or The GOD, it would have been nice to think God would “get them” one day, and yet our WORLD LEADERS Wrote all them “Ink on Paper” Books after the end of the MUD FLOODS from the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L. and now the U.S. FLAG “Military” plans to throw what ever Americans and “U.S. Citizens” that still stand into CONCENTRATION CAMPS by way of just one more little lie… Oh I know “we nonmason” U.S. Citizens are treated like Trash, as "THEY LIVE" Stomp on our faces by way of their “FREE MASON” C.O.P.S. whom Arrest us, and FREE MASON Courts Whom Molest us, and FREE MASON County Jail and “Federal Prisons” hold All the TRUE People of Honor and Dignity Framed for CRIMES them FREE MASON “Lodge Members” do in our home towns, and this does not sit well with me when all PEOPLE in “Positions of Power” are Incubus and Succubus in Human Form…

Yet, how do you repel evil wicked “vile” People and Persons whom are NOT HUMAN, but nothing more then Machine People of every “Supernatural Entity” ever known to man in Myth and Lore??? I look around at all these Broken and Beaten “Folks” from Military VETERANS to Ex Police Officers to those whom Walked away from “The Pentagon” and FBI now sleeping on the Streets as humans “without” shelter… Does it matter “what I say” when my TAXES are used to kill my kind??? These CONSTITUTIONS of Commandments that are not ENFORCED “by any” FREE MASON Lodge Member…., and they Run the Mental Wards, the Psyche Hospitals, and now JADE HELM 15 of PROJECT BLUE BEAM is to take “we the people” aka The Human Populations into FEMA DEATH CAMPS cause the FREE MASON Goons of “U.N. Troops” in our Nations Military Uniforms have all the Guns…., and all the Bullets, and all them “Guillotines” too CUT our heads off when they PROCLAIM we the “Human” nonmason Populations are INFECTED with this COVID-19 “Bio Weapon” that is nothing more then W.H.O. and W.T.O. U.N. FLAGS Malfeasance…

We have never ELECTED “anyone” since 1850 C.E. where the whole world was DEAD!!!! So few lived on, but somehow these “Monsters” and Pirates and Vampires and Werewolves were ready to say: Look at me!!! I am a Human Being while nothing “could be further” from the truth…. I do my part cutting wires to my high school “Security” Cameras…., and letting the AIR “out of” the tires of them FREE MASON Lodge Members Cars and SUV and anything “we can do” to STOP the Racka… How I miss the Great Teacher and Commander “whom showed us” we were Angels renamed Human by these Devils and “Demons” and Gin…., and now WE ARE PAK-TOE!!! In Purgatory, you either do what is right “because” you can, and only “Human Beings” can be Honest and True and Decent and “Have Dignity” while these PRETENDERS in Human Form them Incubus and Succubus “will always” Beat Us, Rape Us, and Take our Children for their PizzaGATE Satanic “Pleasure” of LET US ENTERTAIN YOU!!!! I am never without a weapon…., and when I run into one of these THINGS, I do as the leader spoke, and “exchange” Justice for all the nonmason “murdered” by FREE MASON lies…

Johnny Exodice


Never forget under George W. Bush and The “PATRIOT” ACT of Homeland Security…., FEMA Bought 100,000 of these Off With “Your Head” Devices “for this” Norad Virus from Corona!!!








More Written Word at mewe.com and UGETube.com >>>>>>>>> Johnny Exodice

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