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M1 Garand Reload Series, Video 23, Bolt Removal

76Highboy Reloading
76Highboy Reloading - 1,049 Views
Published on 15 Jan 2019 / In Firearms

M1 Garand Video Series, Video 23, Bolt Removal

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M1 Garand bolt removal. God bless and thanks for watching. Highboy

The following links are our affiliate links. Any products purchased through these links help to provide content for future videos. To those viewers who wish to support this channel through using these links, we very humbly thank you. The first two Redding products are the Redding products that I use in this video. God bless. Highboy

1-800Gunsand Ammo: http://bit.ly/2NOeh3N
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Brownells: http://bit.ly/2HNNHlQ
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The following list of companies are companies that I personally prefer.
Ammo Brass: https://www.ammobrass.com/
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Lee Precision Reloading: https://leeprecision.com/
Little Crow Gunworks: https://littlecrowgunworks.com/?v=7516fd43adaa
Lyman: https://www.lymanproducts.com/
Montana X-Treme: http://www.montanaxtreme.com/
NOE Bullet Moulds: http://noebulletmolds.com/main/
Odin Works: https://www.odinworks.com/
Palmetto Stare Armory: http://bit.ly/2xiX3kN
PlastiXrevolution: https://www.plastixrevolution.net/
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Redding Reloading: https://www.redding-reloading.com/
Ruger Firearms: https://www.ruger.com/
Simply Rugger Holsters: https://www.simplyrugged.com/
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Springfield Armory: https://www.springfield-armory.com/
Starline Brass: https://www.starlinebrass.com/
Tyler Gun Works: https://www.tylergunworks.com/
UGETube.com: https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/
Utah Gun Exchange: https://utahgunexchange.com/
WARNE Scope Mounts: https://warnescopemounts.com/
Western Powders: https://www.westernpowders.com/

DISCLAIMER ***WARNING*** I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. My videos are to be used SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I have no intentions on selling the viewer product. The products I use are based off my preference and are exactly what the viewer would find in my personal walk in life. I don’t care what other people load on. The guns I shoot are the guns I prefer. I don’t care what you shoot. Seek professional firearm training before handling any firearm. Verify all load data from your own reloading manual before attempting reloading. Never let anybody shoot your reloads. Never shoot someone else’s reloads. Do not acquire load data from social media or word of mouth. Never acquire load data from a source that you cannot verify. When assembling reloading equipment always follow the provided instructions. If you have no instructions, contact the company and many times they can provide support. If the company no longer exists and you are unsure, I recommend purchasing new equipment. I do not recommend altering any cartridge from its original design or purpose. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself and I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!

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