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Lure Stooping a Cast of Falcons

Raptor Handling and Training
Published on 09 May 2018 / In Entertainment

A Cast (2) of Soaring Falcons are called to their Falconer who begins Stooping them at the Lure. This ancient Falconry technique builds fitness, endurance and coordination. In Bird Abatement it can also be used as a means to intimidate Pest Birds away from crops because it "Simulates a Hunting Raptor".

Ideally the Falcons do not contact the lure until it's dropped to the ground. If the Falconer is not prepared a fast moving Falcon can Strike the Lure with considerable force. These Falcons are clutch mates who have been conditioned to fly together in a Cast from a young age. Flying them bonded is safer and makes them a formidable team to potential danger.

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