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Loose Memory Dimm Slot on Dell Latitude E6520

Buffman RANGE
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Published on 26 Apr 2012 / In Firearms

I purchased some DDR1600 Kingston HyperX for my new Latitude E6520. Had BSOD, and Application crashes right off the bat. MemTest86 confirmed RAM was bad. RMA'd to Kingston. I noticed while I was adding and removing the RAM, DIMM #2, slot is really really loose. I wonder if the pins are not making good contact.

I threw in some spare DDR3 and no issues. I received replacement RAM from Kingston today, and BSODs again. One stick tested bad. I don't think the loose slot is to blame, but I'd rather not have it as a variable. I suppose the chances of receiveing two bad sets of RAM from Kingston are plausible, so I'll likely RMA the RAM again, and see if Dell will replace the mainboard

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