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Lockdown Breakdown, Not Safe at Home, Raise Of Domestic Violence, Femicide, Child Abuse. Meditate.mp4

Peace Terrorist
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Published on 06 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Lockdown Breakdown, Not Safe at Home, Raise Of Domestic Violence, Femicide, Child Abuse

Child Abuse, At Least We Don't Eat Our Young, OR Should We

full news report here,
RT News - April 5, 2020

From the drmenorps channel,

dr Meno on Meditation, Part 1. The Concept and Ideology. MD's Best Kept Secret

dr Meno on Meditation. Part 2, The Act of Meditating.
The Actual Lesson to Meditate.

dr Meno on Meditating, Part 3. Summary

dr Meno on Meditating Part 4, The Philosophy of Meditation

Learn from the Peace Terrorist Channel,

Quarantine Quivers? Part 1 Learn To Meditate, Open Your Mind, See The Truth,
This Part 1 of a 4 part series on meditation.
The first part discusses the concept and practice of meditation.

Quarantine Quivers? Part 2 Learn to Meditate , The Act of Meditating,

Quarantine Quivers,Part 3 Learn to Meditate, Summary

Quarantine Quivers, Part 4, Open Mind Seeks Truth, Not Lies, Philosophy of Meditation

dr Meno's Defragment Your Mind And Body. 3 Easy Steps.
dr Meno's lesson on how to defragment your mind and body. In 3 obvious steps.
1. Meditation.
2. Exercise.
3. Diet.

Marketing Myosis, Consumerism is an Addictive Disease

The Fiscal Revolution, The Peaceful Revolution, & Bank Runs

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And The Commander Spoke…, You know that “COVID 19” is an Eugenicist “5G EXPERIMENT” by the United Nations W.H.O. INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of {freemason lodge members} / * \ where your doctors……..., nurses…….., hospitals……., county police to State Police to the Courts……, and Schools….., and ALL RELIGIONS [are run] +=+ by these FREE MASON lodge members “be they” Demolay, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow Girls, Eastern Star…., and all “the other” [{**}] TALMUD ZIONIST Jesuit OTO Kabbalah Zohar Fuckery!!!!

That said..., you my people whom “are nonmason” and REPENTANT “Regrettable” FREED MASONS of this Pyramid Scheme.., you will need to kill 5G ENFORCER C.O.P.S. whom try to “take you on” [{*}] for They are LOYAL to FREE MASON Trump and Pence “RED FLAG LAWS” of JADE HELM 15, and their fake “Alien Invasion” of PROJECT BLUE BEAM!!!

What to do??? First get your LAND LINE “Home Phones” working once again, so when the POWER does go down` you can “still call” ASSOCIATES even when the CELL PHONE SYSTEMS “are turned off” for the Telephones Lines are “still connected” to all things…., and they do not POWER DOWN just cause your City “Power Supply” has been Shut off by “U.N. TROOPS” in our military and “national guard” from OUR 50 STATES FOR AMERICA!!!

Moreover, you need to get “Two Way” and Three Way Radio that can reach up to 16 Miles….., so if “they live” cut your Telephone Lines…..., you can still call for help and “The Calvary” of MARVEL Comic Books and DC will come to shoot “them fuckers” dead dead dead… Not only that my People and Persons “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition……., you need to buy “Flip Phones” like Jethro from NCIS…….., and the one I like…, and utilize in “Tracfone” for you can buy them for $19.99 with CASH ONLY.., and then Get “Phone Numbers” ONLY for your DECENTRALIZED “Rag Tag Rebellion” by using Activation Cards paid for with CASH ONLY as well…. NEVER GIVE THESE PHONE NUMBERS TO YOUR LOVED ONES!!! Protect them, and your Gangs, Crews, and Militias, and use MADE UP NAMES “for each” phone!!!!

Now., too “blend in” when the Illuminati NEW WORLD ORDER allows we the nonmason “Citizens” of our Nations to return to Bars………, Strip Clubs, and Hooka Bars, and Attend “Events” and PARTICIPATE “once again” in our world.?.?.? Buy these VISA “Kroger Cards” that allow you to PAY FOR THEM IN CASH…., and put Cash on these Gift Cards, and they will “let you” get CASH out of any ATM if you need, or you use them “anywhere” as you leave your REAL CELL PHONES and Credit Debit Cards RIFD CHIPS “at home” ALWAYS!!!!!!

Never take your FAKE PHONES or FAKE DEBIT GIFT CARDS with you going to Work and Back…., and NEVER use your “Real Debit Cards” or any “Credit Cards” for you need to now be ANONYMOUS since the “QANON” are just more FREE MASON Trojan Horse “Fakes” whom “Worship TRUMP” as their G.O.D. known as S.A.T.A.N. ……., so Fuck them cucks and slags, and we will, and shall live on….

Freedom for all means for some “simple needs” in these Dire Dark Days of TRUMP {RED FLAG LAWS} and insane asylums of FEMA “Homeland Security” CAMPS for all “nonmason” U.S. Citizens…., so call into your “Radio Stations” the DAY BEFORE for songs you “want to here” cause no RADIO IS LIVE at this time, and in that, you have no “Current Reports” but only Prerecorded Material “when it comes” to your Local Radio Stations…….

Finally, for YOU The Super Troopers and “Romantic Warriors” among all of we The Pak-Toe whom are killing all of You’m The Racka.?.?.?.?.? ///|||\\\ [*] (*) H^H WW

Get CB Radios “to chatter” and HAM RADIOS to do your own AM / FM / UHF / VHF Broadcast…..., but always “be ready” too BUG OUT when the U.S. GOVERNMENT [RELIGIOUS MILITARY] comes to kill you as U.N. Troops….., as so many are now nothing but “U.N. TROOPS” in all nations military organizations….., and police departments…., and when you destroy 5G Tech, make sure you have {ELECTRICAL GLOVES} and Destroy “all their” Back Up Generators….., and WE THE PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition “shall defeat” and destroy the [MADE IN CHINA] RED DRAGON……., and her Merchant Ships from the Book of Revelation, and then, we will [make all things] LOCAL from Cars to Radio to Food, and Drink, and Re-Opening up our LOCAL BARS too drink and dance and “find romance” as we will only do trade in 3D Printed Gold – Silver – Copper COINS and LEAF!!!

If you have not read THE BOOK OF NONMASON and THE BOOK OF PUZZLES at mewe.com/i/johnnyexodice, you got nothing “but time” on your hands as you do “Spring Cleaning” of all your Abodes!!!

Oh yeah, UPGRADE “The Firmware” on your Old Routers, and connect them in this Fashion Modem or DSL then connect >>> one to >>> two to >>> three, and keep your “VPN” Stuff Sheltered…

The Commander~


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