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Lock Step - Max Igan in Conversation with Harry Vox

Published on 21 May 2020 / In News and Politics

"Sadly, I have a long history of predicting things that come true. In the second wave you're going to see massive blackouts, internet shutdowns - because they're sick and tired of us exposing their little plans - water supplies will be poisoned. I'm not a lockdown fetishist, but in September they are going to have overhead dissemination of this using drones. You're going to have to have your windows sealed. There is going to be wide-scale death starting in September, and peaking in November just in time for the Trump election . . . People have to shake their neighbours and their family members. I've got members of my family who don't want to hear this stuff. 'You're going to get the biggest fucking you ever had in your life if you don't want to hear it, so congratulations.'"

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ouivalerie 3 months ago

Sex makes babies so vampires need that....the whole world is a giant blood and loosh energy factory, they put people into on purpose....SOMEONE set it up that way and down the road people keep going about thinking about pleasure and lust and that's all they do after work, or watch how to do more and more vanity to get more pleasure and lust on TV for examples of what they can expect to get away with since MSM promotes it all the days.... and out off all that behavior unethical thoughts then actions, the vampires get a lot of fresh live blood.....but they set it up to promote it obviously looking at who benefits underground and out of spaceships....Chipped people can be tracked, mind controlled people will just turn over babies....no CPS, no courts.....new world order for vampires or should I say out of this world varieties of super scientists playing god, blaming whoever but they got spaceships and cities and cloning and soul plucking into some clone bodies down underground...using technology but there's natural and technology ways souls get into bodies....When we die, they know that they are sending us to surface earth blood and loosh factory to reincarnate....and so....isn't this rude? We'll we don't die but, does this have to exist with the pain and suffering and short lives on earth with blank slate memory fields ....birth amnesia.....? That's the problems we have is a technology world and vampires....cannibals... pedophiles...As above so below....Do they crash cars from underground mind control computers? ....

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