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List of Chemicals and Toxins in Vaccines, Promoting Brain Damage

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 79 Views
Published on 07 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander…, can you please explain why “The Teacher” hates the FREE MASON Lodge Members in our “home towns” só much??? You must be new [to the movement] of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION…. So let me tell you why we CUT THE WIRES to “all Technology” be it TV Sets to CELL PHONES to Land Lines to Cars Breaks of these “FREE MASON” Lodge Members…. Do you see this Group called the UNITED NATIONS??? Do you know what they do??? They say “China” has a mad cow Disease outbreak……..., and they are going to kill all the {Cats and Dogs} too solve the Problem??? You think this U.N. FLAG with its U.N. Troops whom wear our “U.S. Flag” Military Uniforms are Americans…….., but they are not……., they are White People “from other lands” and other ways…..., and they were raised to look just like “White People” or Black People or Asian People or Latino People, but they are not Loyal to the CONSTITUTIONS “of and for” OUR 50 State “FLAGS” in these Americas….., and what people really [do not want too see] is that EVERYONE on TV from the Crowds to the Actors are all Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Shriners – Eastern Star aka freeemason "lodge" members…., and on and on..., but they “do not belong” to we The Society of nonmason.., and they are all “Liars” saying they “KNOW” we live in Space cause the EARTH made by their “THEORY” of a Big Bang GOD says só??? Why is it these FREE MASON “need a God” of Space and Black Holes and Galaxies that do not exist for “their” DECEPTICON Religion to work??? Cause the whole OTO Kaballa Zohar MASONIC RELIGION is built on the “foundation” of Drawings from and “formed” in the 1850’s that said {Pluto was a Planet} and Mars was a Planet., and Saturn was a Planet when they are nothing more the The Wandering “STARS” from the Holy Bible our Book of Knowledge!!! These FREE MASON were raised to believe in “The Grand Architect” G.O.D. called Satan and Lucifer and the Devil, and as “we have shown” their DEMONIC WAYS are only a fucking Machine called the “EDISON” in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA using “Forced Technology” to MANIPULATE our “Celestial Sphere” FLAT EARTH Enclosed CONSTRUCT Cosmology….., and we live in a “SIMULATION” as Celestial Beings Called PURGATORY…..., then they do not commune with Demons, but only MACHINES in the “Electromagnetic Esoteric Realm” of this CELESTIAL SPHERE as Celestial Beings themselves!!! What A FOOLS errand!!!!! Moreover, this Norad NOVEL “Corona Beer” Virus would have never LEFT Whu “Han Solo China” cause a REAL WORLD GOVERNMENT would have said: STOP all Traffic…., só the “Deadly Illness” could not pass from person to person…., but these U.N. FLAGS and their Religions of “Ink on Paper Scrolls” do not know any God or Gods or even “Goddesses” for we all live inside a True Holographic World where in a “Video Game” anything is Possible…., but we the “Society of nonmason” are tired of playing this GAME of “WORLD DOMINATION” by the FREE MASON Lodges in our Home towns, só we have chosen “to take them out” before they use that Machine to “Rip Open The Sky” called the [Dome of the Rock] “FIRMAMENT” we all sleep under…., and then the OLD TESTAMENT {Woes and Horrors} +=+ of REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT happen over and over for all time cause the “FREE MASON Kids” and their Kidnapping Parents all WORSHIP “this thing” called the {Oraborua De-Ja-Vu} / * \ Curse of Damnation…., and since these FREE MASON want to be “The Cursed People” and The Forsaken People……., then we THE SOCIETY OF “NONMASON” shall make it so…


The Commander~


Q+ The Pen`

More information at mewe.com and UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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