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Liberalism has failed us: LGBT, Migration and Free Market

TwoFeather - 257 Views
Published on 30 Jun 2019 / In Film and Animation

F. Fukuyama was wrong when he wrote his famous theory that Liberalism would constitute the "End of History", in so far as becoming the final form of human government. Human nature has a tendency to pervert every system of government that it creates, hence the sociocultural evolution is never really complete.

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anita_timmons 9 months ago

I agree with Putin about allowing children to grow up first, and then decide how they want to approach their sexuality, instead of perverting them into depravity before they even get a chance to understand anything for themselves!

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TwoFeather 9 months ago

Yes, there should be an age limit, wait till they are 21 or older before they can do it.

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