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Lekem, BIRD, BARD & BSF- Covert and Legal Ways Soviet Israel Transfers United States

Max Anderson
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Published on 11 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Original article by Jeff Buckley: https://medium.com/@jeffbuckle....y7881/lekem-bird-bar

The agency which planted, protected, and paid Pollard is the Israeli-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, an intergovernment organiza­tion which acts as a channel between the U.S. Treasury and State Department and the Israeli Defense Ministry and Mos­sad. The organization is a product of Henry Kissinger’s ten­ure at the State Department, and one of dozens which have been used to run joint U.S.-Israeli covert operations, of the sort typified by the Iran-Contra sales.

Key BIRD activists include:

Meir Amit, the former director of both the Mossad and Israeli military intelligence.

Yuval Ne’eman, minister of science and develop­ment, the former deputy director of military intelligence, and father of the Israeli nuclear bomb.

Dan Tolkowsky, former chief of the Israeli Air Force, and founder of one of Israel’s top arms smuggling firms, Elron-Elbit.

Itzhak Ya’akov, former chief scientist of the Israeli Defense Ministry, founder of BIRD, and currently U.S. sta­tion chief for the Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM.

Rafi Eytan, LEKEM chief and Pollard task-master.

Harold Katz, counsel of the Israeli Defense Ministry and BIRD.

Dr. Jordan Baruch, former assistant secretary at the U.S. Commerce Department.

Pollard was paid for his espionage by BIRD’s counsel, Harold Katz. He was tasked by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM, whose U.S. station chief is Itzhak Ya’akov. Pollard was protected by a network within the U.S. Justice Department, including former Criminal Di­vision director William F. Weld, and former Deputy Attor­ney General Arnold I. Bums, who are both linked to BIRD. The BIRD Foundation was established by treaty arrange­ment between the United States and Israel in 1977, based on discussions held in 1975 when Kissinger was Secretary of State. Its sister organization, the Binational Agricultural Re­search and Development (BARD) foundation, was formed the same year. Both organizations were modeled on the Binational Science Foundation (BSF), another U.S.-Israeli or­ganization, that had been formed under Kissinger in 1973.

As their names imply, the three organizations, which have overlapping governing boards, officially sponsor joint U.S.-Israeli industrial, agricultural, and basic scientific re­search. The joint projects, and associated conferences, have provided traveling Mossad officers the means to find new U.S. scientists and industrialists to recruit. These operatives have naturally targeted major U.S. university science de­partments and aerospace firms for penetration.

BIRD, BARD, and the BSF maintain an endowment of $300 million in Israeli banks. One bank known to be tied to the BIRD network is the Bank of Boston, which Harold Katz had used to pay Pollard for his espionage. In 1984, then U.S. Attorney in Boston William Weld protected the Bank of Boston, when it was caught laundering over $2 billion in illicit funds used to finance intelligence operations such as BIRD’s.

U.S. intelligence sources stress that the secret to the BIRD network is the petro-dollar recycling apparatus established by Kissinger following the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. As a result of that war, oil prices skyrocketed, and the Persian Gulf oil states were suddenly inundated by massive amounts of U.S. dollars. These petro-dollars, however, were never, ever sub­stantially controlled by the Arab states, but simply siphoned back into the Western banking system …

These petro-dollars have various illicit uses. These in­clude financing “off-budget,” “privatized” U.S. intelligence operations, outside the knowledge and reach of Congress and even the White House. The use of such schemes has now been made famous by the Iran-Contra affair. The postwar U.S. intelligence community first used such techniques when it began to fund its operations through the sale of Southeast Asian heroin. The BIRD network, and its associated covert banking apparatus, is simply one such “off-budget,” puta­tively U.S.-Israeli capability, that has been financed by pe­tro-dollars and dope.

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