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LEFTISTS CHEER ROGER STONE CONVICTION Infowars FirePower Show Friday, 11/15/2019

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Published on 16 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics

I met Roger Stone in person when I was at a rally in Washington, DC. You can go back and see Rogers Stone in various videos even as far as back as 1999, where he showed his support for Trump way back then. Not only that, his spirit, his love for this nation should be an example for all Americans. The Left has politically convicted him because of his love for this country and his support for the sitting President Donald J Trump. Not only do you have the Left celebrating the conviction of Roger Stone, but you even have those on the right celebrating it as well. On the Gateway Pundit, there is an article right now that is calling for the immediate arrest of Alex Jones following Roger Stones conviction. The Washington Post has an article has a comment from John Podesta as he was just about to take off on a long transatlantic flight, and he said, and I quote “I think I will just sit back, relax, and enjoyed it.” The deep state sees this conviction of Roger Stone as a win and they are already calling for him to be killed in prison. It’s evident the Democrats are looking for the smoking gun when it comes to these impeachment hearings. I don’t need to go into the whole laundry list of the different reasons why the Democrats said that impeachment of Pres. Trump is valid. They believe they have a smoking gun, to go along with bribery, which is witness intimidation.

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