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Published on 23 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

On The Fairways

From Stock Markets to Teachers……., From Cooks to Preachers…..., From Love to Hate….., we seem to all commiserate??? To know that this PURGATORY home world {we all live in} can be anything we wish…., and it does not have to be [the Ink on Paper] / * \ of these FREE MASON Lodges and their {subservience lifestyles} +=+ to these World Leaders…, and INTERNATIONALIST… The days of Noah have returned [cause we keep repeating] [{**}] our lives in an Oraborus Curse.., and though I once gave {great Credit} to the Illuminati for all they done., these Incriminated ONES [are nothing more] [{*}] then Computers and Machines walking in OUR Human Form, and when I came to see The World is NOT a Stage, but a Celestial Sphere {As above so Below} two sided Video Game of Death and Damnation and Destruction, I see that these GOLEM [will never leave] this place of RECONCILIATION and RECONSIDERATION {cause the have} No REGRETS, or shame, and that is why they [do not] resonate!!!

People do not need banks or savings ACCOUNTS {too live on} or have security, we just need the freedom and rights to live!!! When we have community…., and we complete a task, we do not [need to be paid] in Ink on Paper 2D Productions of U.S. Dollars, or any {2D Paper Monetary Systems} cause my Value as a Person is not dependent on what these [[[FREE MASON COURTS]]] say about me…., and my people {the nonmason Workers} WE ARE whom build and design and find ways [to get things done] while these Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls sit in EMPTY ROOMS {talking Empty Words} waiting for the TV Show to say The FBI – CIA and NCIS [are doing something] when they are not [about the bad} when THE BAD {is this PizzaGATE] Human Trafficking by these INTERNATIONALIST G4S U.N. Troops!!!

To think {my whole life} was raised on TV…., and the Books, the News Papers, The Magazines of the INTROSPECT [were only to support] a COMPLEX of Lies and Deceptions known as {A Conspiracy of THEORIES} where Conjecture – Hypotheses – Speculation [that made no sense] when you took the time to look into it…., and from Elementary to High School when I got to Collage I would be taught {more Illusions and Delusions} as the PATHWAY to Enlightenment as My Religions Participated in [This Cover Up] cause all these Eastern Stars and Shriners live the LIFE OF THE PROFANE {among we} The nonmason workers whom now know this game!!! What a wasted life, and though we nonmason [did not know} ink on paper {could be used] as a WEAPON by our Governments…., we now see That 2D FLAGS {do not make} 3D People…

There was a TIME the Sun [on this side] of the FLAT EARTH was Yellow…., and as these INVADERS From {the other side} of FLAT EARTH need [White Dead Light] to walk among us…., THEY LIVE have made one fatal flaw, Life Needs {Incandescent Light} and FILAMENT Light Bulbs to be happy and whole and [the ability] to grow…., and the more the WHITE SUN Remains and burns {and harms all Bio-Life} with their 5G FULL SPECTRUM Microwave Beams, I can tell you this RACKA!!! You can not have [your Synthetic] NEW WORLD ORDER if there are {no Biologicals} to rule…., and if one side of FLAT EARTH DIES {then this place] though Mechanical is still A Miracle ecosystem [only as long as} HUMAN LIFE goes on, and once we all die out, then Technology will stall…., and you Demons and Devils {will fall} for without ethnology Angelic LIFE, Death [can not] cease to exist…




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