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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 130 Views
Published on 24 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

These MORTAL Memories of my mind

As the many Reject the Teachings of the Gospel even when THEY KNOW the Days of Noah have returned, and God is among WE THE PEOPLE, and in one of we the people, I do not fret, nor worry my days away, for I did not choose to live in Hate, and Vanity, and things that are only TEMPORARY ITEMS just as SATAN has no power to take my soul to the 2nd Lake of Fire whence I die, I am now just a Person among my people and ready to see how the END OF DAYS will play out for you and me… I know I have lived the best lives I could in every dream I do so have whence I Sleep and Rest down here in Purgatory, and for me, The TIME is now to REMEMBER who, and what, and where I AM…

For those whom sought the RICHES of this world for Fame, and Vanity, and doing the Insanity of WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the Rule of God, you shall find whence your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones are no more, there is still something to be JUDGED By the God of Gods, The Lord of Lords, and The King of Kings even if you walk among WE THE PEOPLE with no human soul… You Evil Spirits of Incubus and Succubus have TRICK or TREAT many of We The People into doing Shameless, Cruel, Disgusting Behavior, so we have nothing too say: When Lucifer says to we: I NEVER LOVED YOU for you were a Fool to reject the One Christ Jesus as I never Hurt Him in the Gospels, but look at what you FREE MASON Children have done to one another, and Gods Creation!!!

You see the OTO FREE MASON, and their Zionist, Jesuit Kabbalah Zohar with their Fake Space Teachings of Planets and Space Travel are ALL A LIE, and you can WORSHIP that Satan of the Church of Satan, but that is NOT the Satan, or The Devil, nor The Lucifer Presented in the Holy Bible… For I did not Throw Christ Jesus off the Mountain Top; I only Tempted him with Monetary Things if the Son of God would bow down to me, and serve me, but Christ Jesus knew HE was in Purgatory, and not the Real World WE ALL Destroyed in our Vanity of the Book of Ecclesiastes where Brother Murder Brother, and Sister Killed Sister, and THE WARS never ended till Our Celestial Sphere Became like the Reflection and Memory of the AWFUL HORROR known as this Holographic Moon in the Night and Day Sky of our DEAD Celestial Sphere Home World, and why would I Lucifer ever do that when you [Fallen Angels] #QANON /_\ try to blame me for all of your petty lives.?.?.?

The FREE MASON Lodge Members are [ALL] Q+ Liars – Cheats – Thieves and all these other Vile things that the God of the Ages in the Book of Enoch shalt deal the Final Blow, and I Satan gladly take all you Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls and all the rest of YOU too your DOOM!!! For it was not me Lucifer whom made you do WAR IS MURDER in the Real World, that was your personal Human Choice where you would tell your self, That Person is not the Same as me cause their FLAG is not my FLAG???, and I must [kill people] Q’ for the LIE of Pearl Harbor where JAPAN did not Attack the USA, but the FREE MASON in the U.S. Government and Military Destroyed Pearl Harbor, so they could use the Atom Bomb on millions of people doing the [Holocaust] Q’ to WE THE PEOPLE in Asian Lands just as China has so too ICBM Nuked “Beirut Lebanon” for the UNITED NATIONS…

Johnny Exodice


Since God made the World, and God even made The Children Of God where Satan was one among the many in that Family, whom are you Human to say another Human is not to be loved by your Q-God.?.?.?.?.?


The Sentinel…

Vexation and Circuit in the Book of Ecclesiastes [shows] Q` we all live inside a SIMULATION {Virtual Reality} [{**}] Holographic World called PURGATORY made by the God of The Holy non - U.S. FLAG of the Roman Catholic U.N. FLAGS Protestant Bible!!!


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