Kevin Durant Sucks!

Pervert Pete
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Published on 07 Jun 2019 / In Sports

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Sure, Kevin Durant is a great player, but he WILL NEVER win an NBA title without Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green or even Andre Iguodala. Unless he goes to the Nets along with Kyrie Irving AND another superstar, he will NEVER win a title. Hes great, but he's a proven loser cuz only a loser would go from his OWN team to a team thats already a championship team without him. Kevin Durant is also a cry baby and sensitive little sissy. We have NEVER seen a superstar that is like him. A loser. A front runner. An overly sensitive snowflake. AND a superstar. Unbelievable. Kevin Durant not only will NEVER win an NBA title without 2 to 3 other superstars AND he will certainly NEVER be considered an all time great. He will be lucky if he even gets to the #NBA Finals on another team. Sure, Lebron James went to Miami to team up with 2 other superstars but then he went ON HIS OWN and won a title in Cleveland. If #KevinDurant was able to win a title ON HIS own, then its a whole other story. But Im pretty sure he will never win a title after he leaves Golden State and HE WILL be leaving Golden State cuz he thinks he's a lot mentally tougher than he actually is. Allen Iverson was great and led a team to the Finals BY HIMSELF but no title. I think what Iverson did is way more impressive than anything Kevin Durant has done or will EVER do in his career.
Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, MJ (the GOAT), Magic, Bird, Karl Malone....all all time greats. Something Kevin Durant will NEVER be. Unless he gets a team to the NBA finals WITHOUT another 2 time MVP on his team 😉


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