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Johnny Exodice says: Elect Thomas Andrew Sutor born 09-30-1965 as you MAIL in Ballot!!! Q+ The Pen`

Johnny Exodice
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Published on 29 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

We know that the TV is lies lies lies for this PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) JADE HELM 15 continuing DEPOPULATION of we the NONMASON POPULATIONS By the U.N. FLAGS Agenda 21 + 30 where all the people in the U.S. Military MURDERS we U.S. nonmason CITIZENS and we are then turned into ALT-MEAT and fed back to WE THE PEOPLE as the {Impossible Burger} [{**}] that BLEEDS from the Whoppers of their FAKE SPACE “Moon Landings” too all this WAR IS MURDER being done by the U.N. Troops of all [U.N. FLAGS] #QANON /_\ that work for the GLOBALIST……., and their INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATIONS where all Cars come from the SAME Places.?.?.?.?, as do All 2D FLAT TV Devices too, and OUR “food supply” that / * \ FEDERAL TROOPS are all [U.N. Troops] Q walking in PLAIN Sight “for these” FREE MASON Lodge Members that all TV TALKING Heads belong to…

That said….., why can’t you just do WRITE IN PEOPLE with your COMPUTERS.?.?.?.?


I mean watch “these people” [{*}] and their CODED freemason duality +=+ TALK where we can do ONLINE BANKING…., Online Payments….., and even Online ZOOM CHATS…..., but we are FORBIDDEN To do SECURE ENCRYPTED Online VOTING???? If you actually elected anyone in your STATES. Counties, or Home Towns then all VOTING would have been done “ONLINE” YEARS AGO Just as you Trust the Internet with your W.W.W. /-\ ONLINE BANKING!!!!

You have never ELECTED ANY ONE Since the FREE MASON aka Chaldean destroyed we The Nonmason aka The Tartarians…….., and so you must take them out in SECRET……., and make sure you put them DEAD DEAD DEAD “Traitors” doing SEDITION………, and High Treason in Wood Chuckers!!! And I will eat some of that {MS13 Boogaloo} ALT MEAT just out of Spite for what these MASONS have done to this OUR “home world” of PURGATORY!!!

The Sentinel…

The REASON you are [Not Allowed] QANON to do ONLINE VOTING is because then we NONMASON could elect “our own people” in all these Towns, Cities, Counties, and PROVINCES known as REGIONS and DISTRICTS with their FREE MASON Regional and Home Land Security DISTRICT COURTS!!! There are no “NONMASON” in any City Governmental Jobs let alone the BIG {National Elections} that the Write In President of THOMAS ANDREW SUTOR born August 30th, 1965 could win with ease if PEOPLE had “The Courage” too Stand for their CONVICTIONS, but so many FEAR THE FREE MASON Lodges in their “Home Towns” cause they RUN The Courts, the C.O.P.S., The Hospitals, and them MENTAL WARDS of Trump and Pence (COVID19) RED FLAG LAWS… Enough said…

Christ Jesus said: What Good is SALT if it loses its Saltiness.?.?.? He meant What Good is a Person if they lose Their Courage!!!! Do not lose that SALT in your Veins my People of Pak-Toe for the RACKA Will “surely destroy” we all and our Celestial Sphere by the Year of our L.O.R.D. in the year 2094 C.E.

The Society of nonmason~


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