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JOE BIDEN Hunter Biden and BIDEN CRIME FAMILY by_Don_Trump_JR.mp4

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Published on 16 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

(sorry for the jittering... not sure what happened) Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are the head of the BIDEN CRIMINAL enterprise: They Joe BIDEN CRIME FAMILY mafia - a video by Donald Trump Junior #BidenCrimeFamily DO IT Q
This is the Video going viral by Donald John Trump Junior - exposing the NEWLY FOUND corruption proofs of the Biden Criminal Family network. This will blow your socks off. Oh wait... we already knew that.
C'mon Trump supporters share with your friends!

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Senior Starburst
Senior Starburst 3 days ago

I didn't realize all this was going on!!!

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Dangerous Criminals
Dangerous Criminals 3 days ago

Joe and his son are Dangerous Criminals and must be put in prison . Demented and Dangerous

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pcpat 4 days ago

Joe and Hunter Biden didn't have the ability to pull this off alone. Who else benefited?

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Ski Junkie
Ski Junkie 6 days ago

Hunter Biden is GROSSS. so greasy!!!

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TEA Resin
TEA Resin 6 days ago

It is sad that corruption is so rampant in politics.... I mean, I guess it always has been.... haha

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