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Jean 03, KX500AF, 10-27-2018

Published on 28 Oct 2018 / In Sports

Rode Jean today! Was cutting up a little in the first video and mentioned the requirement of having good brakes on the 500AF. Replaced the rear brake pads about 6 months ago and parked the bike in the garage until today. After about 5 minutes of riding I noticed the rear brake getting spongy. By the time I was half way through the second video I had no rear brake. The Kawasaki is what I call a rear steer bike. It doesn't like to turn with the front so you hit the entry corner hot and then lock the rear up and as you hit the apex of the turn you let off the brake and turn the gas on for the exit. It was a challenge today for sure with no rear brake! A trick I learned from a good riding buddy if you loose your rear brake is to kill the motor, leave the bike in gear with your thumb on the kill switch and use the clutch as a rear brake. We didn't go down anything steep enough today for me to use that trick. In video 4 I almost ran into Sunny on his brand new KTM Factory Edition because the front brake wasn't enough! When I got home I bled the rear and it was like a black molasses and quite a bit of air. It's got fresh brake fluid now and no leaks so all is good for now.

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