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JD FARAG Bible prophecy update making sense of all this.mp4

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 167 Views
Published on 13 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

original video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYt8DR69qas


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GodwantsUFriend 5 days ago

I think I found the reason why you've been put into yt prison Ms Linda! "This video by inside lindsay williams, says there's a plan weapon warfare for Nov to freeze all the crops in US, to raise food prices. cause chaos to blame the president. Many Christians are dreaming of this eg Dana Coverstone, Susanna Noel

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 5 days ago

We are to obey the government unless it goes against God's word. ( Act 5:29) We should “be subject to” or “submit.” Submission and obedience, they are not the same thing. You can obey without submitting and you can submit without obeying. Submission is about placing yourself under someone’s authority and oversight. It’s not merely about your action, but about your relationship to them. Submission says, “You’re in charge and I’m not. I will honor and respect your judgement. ”Being subject to the governing authorities means not “resisting” them (Romans 13:2), it means “honoring” them (1 Peter 2:17), and it may mean “obeying” them, but not if they tell you to do something sinful. This is why the pastors didn't obey the government, it went against God's word for the church to gather together. Why didn't you go there? I know that the elite have put over 65,000 fake preachers into the churches to mislead the congregation and all of this spout the Romans 13 and never go to the rest of scripture because their job is to mislead not to lead. I'm sorry, but with respect, I must say you disappointed me with that diatribe. You should know better. I do know that the covid19 test kits were being shipped around the world in 2017. I reported that already. So, I believe you are right about the elite setting this on the world. I'm sorry but this is the longest infomercial I've ever seen.

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Pennysaver 10 days ago

Thank you for posting, sister! Wow! JD gets better each week. I feel like Jesus is standing over his shoulder helping him with his words & preaching because he is so on point! JD is my go to now each Sunday because of you! Linda, hope you feel better soon. Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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