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Jackboot Stasi Coronavirus Police Kick In A Man`s Apartment Door Illegally Enter Without A Warrant!

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 13 Apr 2020 / In Film and Animation

He was not happy ,i don`t blame him ! [ he now has a serious reason to sue for damages]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Commander…, what are we to do in [The Military] whom are NONMASON.?.?.? You should know the LAW……., and if the Military you are EMPLOYED by {says you} +=+ VOLUNTEERED…….., then what did you actually “VOLUNTEER” to do.?.?.? If you know the CONSTITUTION of your Nation, then it is your DUTY and “Your Honor” [{**}] to be an OATH KEEPER “only to” That Document……..., and no other Man or Wombman in any “Military” of these U.N. Flags…. Consider this, you have FREE MASON “Traitors” doing SEDITION / * \ in the U.S. Military…..., so what does your Birth State CONSTITUTION “say about” [{*}} High Treason to your STATES Boarders….., and State Flag…., for if the U.S. Military is NOT your State Flag..., then the U.S. Is not even a STATE.., or a NATION., or A COUNTRY is it now.?.?.? In that, you might have VOLUNTEERED to Join the “U.S. FLAG” +=+ and go to WAR with Our 50 STATES Constitutions, and States Flags, but you are GETTING PAID in this “U.S. FLAG” of These freemason lodges…., and if you are Volunteerism, then you DO NOT WORK “FOR PAY” as a Mercenary whom kills moms and dads and “The Children” of WE THE PEOPLE “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and since you want to be like “Warf” in the Next Generation STAR TREK TV Show, you will need “too kill” your Generals, Antenna, Majors, Serpents, Corporals to even “A President” whom has SOLD OUT your FLAG, and your Republic, or Common Wealth to this UNITED NATIONS “Monarchy” system where THESE PEOPLE “call themselves” Your Excellency and “Your Majesty” for these PEOPLE all have the LABELS or Titles of Kings and Queens and Presidents as THEY LIVE “OFF OF” OUR PAY CHECKS……., but they do not “uphold” THE RULE OF LAW of the Constitutions “of our lands” and provinces from Canada to Australia to the Nations of the E.U. and you are going to allow the “UN-elected W.H.O.” International Mafia too DECLARE a STATE OF EMERGENCY for a WORLD DOMINATION PLOT known as “JADE HELM 15” renamed COVID 19.?.?.? I must say, you have been Given “Many Weapons” to be turned on we YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS.?.?.?.?.?, so would it not be better to use your MILITARY Gear to Bomb the White House and the Pentagon when “Trump to Putin” to Xi to the Pope are all doing “Treachery” to we your own Fellow Citizens.?.?.? You must consider “the state” of YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL, Your Spirits, and your RIGHT to fight, and kill, and “murder” and assassination of “any and all” no matter their Rank, or Position, or so called “FAITH” for regardless of Age` YOU did not VOLUNTEER TO MURDER “your own” people now did you.?.?.?, or did you.?.?.?


The Commander~


It is truly ASTONISHING “how many” Demolay – Jobs Daughters, and Rainbow GIRLS are in the U.S. Military and all other MILITARY of the world whom get paid off of our CITIZENS TAXES and Tithes, so they can WASTE [all our money] / * \ playing WAR GAMES too practice for REX 84 and Agenda 21 + 30 of these {U.N. FLAGS} World Leaders WORLD DOMINATION PLOT!!!

Fuck them all!!!

The Society of nonmason~



END OF THE WORLD UPDATES at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice and UGETUBE.com

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