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Ivanka Trump Creating Big Brother Database for all Americans

Shelby 80
Shelby 80 - 70 Views
Published on 23 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

Ivanka Trump is pushing for the creation of a permanent centralized government database of every American's entire educational, employment & health history. (Interoperable Learning Record) This is worse than Obama's Health Records Initiative. Got suspended from high school? Got fired from a job at 18? Have an STD or chronic illness? All that data will be on this database for anyone to access. Ignore her positive spin about skill sets, retraining & job access. Ivanka said: "We need to harness technology and data to enable people to have their information in their iPhone," she said, listing high school degrees, health records and on-the-job skills such as CPR for what she called the "resume of the future."

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Lenor Noir
Lenor Noir 2 months ago

But that is not Ivanka Trump, is her husband who wants that.

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