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It is reckless for Victoria Premier to ‘wipe his hands’ of pregnant woman’s arrest

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Published on 04 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Sky News host Chris Kenny says under the same Victorian government that “didn’t lift a finger” to stop a BLM protest, we now see police throw the book at even the social media suggestion of a protest against the government's draconian lockdown.

Vision has emerged of a pregnant Victorian woman being arrested at her Miners Rest home - near Ballarat - during a police raid for her alleged involvement in organising an anti-lockdown rally for Saturday.

Her husband live-streamed the arrest where police charged 28-year-old Zoe Buhler for incitement.

Ms Buhler was listed as an organiser for a rally against Victoria's stage four lockdown via a Facebook post.

Mr Kenny said he “can't believe Australians are accepting what they are getting from many of their state governments at the moment when it comes to coronavirus restrictions”.

“Just imagine for a moment if John Howard or Tony Abbott were doing this, imagine if Jeff Kennett had tried to lock his whole state down.

“They'd never have done it of course, but if they'd tried people would have revolted, the unions, the media, the human rights bodies would have been outraged and mobilised,” he said.

“I mean what dire emergency, what life threatening situation, what horrible crisis for other citizens, would justify police turning up at the house of a pregnant woman, a woman who is unarmed, not aggressive, no threat to herself or anyone else, and the police stick her in handcuffs and arrest her”.

“For the premier to ignore this case, to wipe his hands of it, is reckless”.

Mr Kenny said Daniel Andrews is a “socialist Left premier” so one would think he would be concerned about human rights, personal liberty, and heavy-handed policing of government edicts.

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