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It's Time To Shun Fear And Get Angry!

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Published on 29 Dec 2019 / In News and Politics

Frank Cavanagh joins Harrison to explain why those that are slaves to darkness seek to take away the righteous anger of patriots and why now is the time to use our anger for good!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago



See you at the MUD FLOOD Central City February 1st to Feb 14th 2020 T.L. at THE EDISON in Santa Barbara California USA!!!! Jeppo Jinx~

If you want to catch the Wiccan Roman OTO INTERNATIONALIST Satanic Rituals under the cover of the 2020 Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA Film Festival, then come one and come all whom are Pak-Toe só we may STUDY The Racka, and find our own Access into the UNDERGROUND CITIES at this Location on The West Coast!!! The Society of nonmason~

The 34th annual Santa Barbara Film Festival is set to run January 30-February 9 in 2019, organizers said this morning. Official events will be held throughout the city, including the Arlington and Lobero theaters, for the fest that takes place in the heat of movie awards season. Last year, honorary awards were bestowed on eventual Oscar winners Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro, Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell, among others.
The 2018 fest went on as planned in the face of the horrific Thomas Fire that scorched 280,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, making it the largest wildfire in California history. The conditions led to mudslides in Santa Barbara’s neighboring towns of Montecito and Summerland, killing 17.

Johnny Exodice +=+ was there from those dates of } in our current MUD FLOOD Post Era of the [Great Nuclear Hydrogen War] +=+ Cover Up TIME LINE!!! You will see {the moon} fly through the night sky in just under one hour… You will see the moon [become many refraction's] of the same moon in the Dome of our Firmament!!! You will see CONSTELLATIONS do things [they should never do] in a non-Simulation Holographic Construct known as OUR PURGATORIUM!!! You might even witness {the Sun Rise and Set} in the Same LOCATION on the Ocean as happen in 2019… To all Romantic Warriors of Pak-Toe…., come to this EVENT and Walk the Streets {from 6PM to 6AM] and see how Santa Barbara BECOMES A GHOST TOWN [as these} / * \ INTERNATIONALIST go down below to tinker with THE EDISON World Machine in our Celestial Sphere home world…., and we will show you things {you nonmason had no clue} made all FREE MASON Lodges guilty of PizzaGATE Satanist Agendas in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition… Jeppo Jinx~
DISCLAIMER the real events will still happen

The 2020 A.D. Wiccan ROMAN Satanic Rituals of Festivals of ROMAN HOLIDAYS!!!

Event Date January 2020 C.E. / 15th to the 25th when in 2019 C.E. under the 13th Month 28 Days SKY CLOCK the Satanic Wiccan ROMAN Festivities happened from } 2019C.E.,

So…. As you see your TIME LINE [is short] to get to Santa Barbara for this 10 DAY RELIGIOUS OTO Zohar Kaballa ROMAN Wiccan Sky Event!!! Could be very different in 2020 as the MOON was swallowed by the Sky last year and this type of thing may or may not play into what happens this time at the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL…., but I promise you this!!! There was no 19,000 People as for my entire stay and Google+ Blips where I made Videos people kept getting less and less till on the LAST DAY {they all came back up} from the D.U.M.B.S. in California at that location where they played with The EDISON…., and our Celestial Sphere Construct!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]
Finally….., as you study FILM FREEWAY {for this event} NOTICE that is A GOLD EVENT!!! Learn to see how these FREE MASON Satanist [use Symbols and Colours] to play head games on we nonmason populations as this is NOT a Film Festival…., this is the READ DEAL of A Wiccan ROMAN Satanic Holiday 10 days Festivities!!! Q+ The Pen` Be there Romantic Warriors from Feb 1st to Feb 9th or stay till Valentines DAY of the old ROMAN EMPIRE that was never A Republic just as the U.S. FLAG is a FEDERALIST COMMUNIST CAPITALIST Economy with no room for our 50 STATE FOR AMERICA FLAGS and this why Statues Stand where you STATE FLAGS should be on your State Capital Buildings….

STUDY DATES at what we are told is a 12 Month Calendar Going Forward, their 13th Month Calendar may work Back Wards like Alestery Crowley OTO Leached them into read thing backwards… NOPE!!! Calendar is still FEBRUARY 1st to 9th as MOST IMPORTANT Dates for this EDISON Location........

The 33rd edition of the Santa Barbara Film Festival will run from January 31-February 10, 2018, organizers said today. The fest, which comes in the heat of the awards season, usually attracts front-runners in the Oscar races with panels and tribute honors that last year drew the likes of Barry Jenkins from eventual Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight, La La Land Best Director Damien Chazelle, and Ava DuVernay, Isabelle Huppert and Jeff Bridges among others.

Santa Barbara 2017 FILM FESTIVAL Dates February 1st to February 11th Santa Barbara California USA…

The lineup for the 2016 Santa Barbara Film Festival has been unveiled. The 31st edition runs February 3-13 and showcases 52 world premieres and 53 U.S. premieres from over 60 countries. Among the U.S. bows: Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups, which has been set as the festival’s Centerpiece Film on February 7 at the Arlington Theater.


Me thinks these INTERNATIONALIST aka GOLEM [had to change the dates] for the event FOR ANY Lookie Looes since {Johnny Exodice Posted} all the Blips of a Ghost City in Santa Barbara California USA from Feb 1st to Feb 9th 2019A.D. even…., and if you are into researching and INVESTIGATION of the Occult OTO FREE MASON [Wiccan Satanic Roman] / * \ New World Order…., I would say: The REAL Deal } on FEBRUARY 1st to 13th 2020 as they like to rap up their PizzaGATE Activities on St. Valentines Day and that is why THE RITUAL Ends of the Saint Valentine Stuff of the {ROMAN CATHOLIC} [{**}] Zionist Jesuit U.S. FLAG Empire!!! See you there…. The Grey Coats of the Grey Gloves….


Also, if you do not feel you can handle being in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA as The EDISON World Bios is used to mess with our Sky Clock…., I highly recommend any Investigative Researcher and {Celestial Being} Person to come here any time to STUDY the MUD FLOOD event in this CITY IN A LAKE BED!!!! After the 1853 A.D. Great Disature all parents were dead, and we kids were put into FACTORIES as anyone whom remembered our FLAT EARTH world was put into the Insane Asylums of the 1800’ to once again TRUMPS Red Flag Laws to place you Grown ups in MENTAL WARDS só The State can raise your kids!!!! Finally while in Santa Barbara, you can go to Goleta and Isle Vista to see how the [REPLACEMENT POPULATION] murdered all the inhabitants in 2017 to 2018 using {Cyanide in the Public Water} that is still called RECYCLED WATER you are not to drink from the Faucets!!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


Yes of course Santa Barbara is no longer the College Town as they have killed off the POPULATION of nonmason Citizens and Civilians and only the GOLEM FREE MASON Lodges and their Slave Replacement Populations remain…. However, you are an adventurer, you can keep your mouth shut, and you can dress and blend in as you take in just few days, or a the whole WICCAN ROMAN SATANIC RITUAL as a guest… For it matter not if you are Rich or Poor in this world republic constitution COALTION of ours cause we are all now The Society of nonmason…., and the FREE MASON have to know we will no longer be killed by their whims or these 5G Titanic Death Machines called CELL TOWERS!!!! #DRUNKENREBEL P.S. it will happen againn on Feb 1st 2020 around about 9PM, go down to the SHOPPING CENTER at night and {watch for these people} whom walk to FIRST Night around 10 PM to Their INTERNATIONALIST Wiccan Roman Satanic Event!!! Just be anonymous…. We do not forgive… We do not forget, and WE ARE HERE as expected!!! The Society of nonmason~ Johnny Exodice LIVES and só do we… The Book of EXODICE!!!


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