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Is This THE Big Event? - Questions For corbet

Kalandar mast
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Published on 11 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

Is This THE Big Event? - Questions For Corbett

Posted:Corbett report ,10Mar2020

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Commander…, what are we to do now that this “COVID 19” is embraced by all the TRAITORS committing Sedition and {High Treason} / * \ in all lands………, and Countries to Counties to Prefectures “by these” FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST Lodges of the U.N. FLAG??? The First thing you are to do [My leaders] +=+ of your people is to teach them not to live in FEAR` for the EDISON Machine of “Forced Labor” Technology FEEDS off of FEAR more then any other emotions… You need to Stock up on Toilet Paper…….., Spare Reading Glasses……., other “needs” and means…..., and use the TAP WATER in your Faucets to fill as many “jugs of water” you deem the LOCK DOWN “will last” on this fake ass Bat Snake Corona “Kobe Burger” Basket Case INVASION of U.N. Troops on all our human populations… Remember….., there is no COVID 19…., but they can and will “inject us” [{**}] with Snake Venom mixed with Amazon Forrest Frog Poison too Bat Rabies!!!! These are the things you “need to be” more concerned about..., and they want to kill anyone 9 years and older that might “resist” or know of [{*}] THE BOOK OF NONMASON.., so plan well to run from town to town., and country too country if you can… However, be PRECISE in your Thoughts, and lead by example, if it is no longer “safe” to Drink and PLAY….., then playtime is over.., and you…., and your people must be of SOBER Mind., and “Thoughts” and Decision… Many of us have prepped for these days, but what “will that matter” if we can not STOP the Hydrogen Nuclear Bombs from “Dropping” and Destroying all be you FREE MASON “useful idiots” to the Clueless masses that do not TAKE BACK YOUR TOWNS NOW!!! WE have given you “all you need” to fight back…., and if you will not or can not fight….., then at least “spread the word” that after COVID 19 kills as many HUMAN Beings in these TEMPORARY Temporal “Chemical Body” Temple Avatars….., then Angels to Demons will no longer have any Body to Possess or “Host of Host” to call a home for if the FLESH and the BLOOD and the Bones are “The Enemy” of The Synthetics……., then all Bio-Life must cease to exist for these MACHINE PEOPLE “to become” the NEW WORLD ORDER…. This is why your “nonmason” Governors, Mayors, Judges, C.O.P.S. and all the rest let your FREE MASON Fraternal Order murder and kill “your” Brothers in Blue while we all bleed red……... Too black and white lodge, you must now go SILENT as you “continue” to take out all these Monsters, and Vampires, and Werewolves, to them Incubus and Succubus whom have “laid the way” for THE MACHINE G.O.D. and S.A.T.A.N. to lay waste to this “Celestial Sphere” REALM Home World known as Purgatory…. Finally…., no need to be crude…, or rude in the way “we speak” with our ENEMY this “Illuminati” MACHINE for those Possessed by it “gave away” their Humanity a long long long time ago…….., so be like Gabriel with Lucifer and “speak too them” with DISTINCTION!!!!

When all is said and done……..., I will see you at The Camp Fire….

P.S. ALWAYS look at the shoes “no matter” how POOR they present themselves, for if they are too clean and too nice???? Then they are them “U.N. Troops” JADE HELM 15 PROJECT BLUE BEAM Spies` even when they “pretend to be” the Homeless on the Streets…. And always be aware of The “RELIGIONIST” for they live for their “Ink on Paper” Gods and Goddesses!!!!



The Commander~


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