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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 80 Views
Published on 07 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

At what point do I connect?

Who am I and what do I matter? Do I make a difference in this world: is something I often ask myself. I find it difficult to believe that my life does not have a purpose. I spend my time thinking about the possibilities of what I say, and how it might affect another. Do my words land on ears right and ready for the vision, or do I sound like a madman spouting off~ in personal foolish opinions? Men who were chosen by love, are they ever allowed decency? Must they always suffer? From my studies of ancient texts all believers have one common thread of morality and suffrage.

Seduced by the light and darkness in this world, I consider myself only a speck in someone’s eye. I am nothing, I am not important. I’m only one amongst millions of us’ thrust deeply into the caverns of life. Mondays I am and filled with commonality. I’m sure I do the same basic things that every other person has to do “somewhere” else on this planet. Yet I can think of nothing greater than to have someone to love. Without this simplest fulfilling gift of two people enraptured, my mediocrity and lonely solitary being, would find life unbearable. It is the Angels that come into our lives and rescue us from the demons. It is the healers who hold on to us after the victimization has been complete.

Without the light of day, my eyes would never have known of love. Without the knowledge of love my heart would never have known the light of the world. The bleakness and sadness that enfolds human society’ shredding hopes, dreams, and families. Its destructive power has left no person untouched; my soul knows the suffrage of loss, of sadness, of death. Without love, I would not continue to face day after day. Love never surrenders. And even though I understand the darkness that rules the nations and leaders of our countries, I sometimes feel at a loss. What possibly could I do to help America? What can I possibly due to help my neighborhood? What should I possibly due to help my planet environment?

It is from day-to-day that I see I’m not mediocre. I have a purpose and I mean something to those around me. I have friendships that I have built over the years. Foundations laid with anything “we” could find, but we found the material it took~ to keep the friendship alive. For my friends: truly are the most important things that I need to worry about. It is these people who define me. It is these people who have shown a kindness. It is these people who understand the suffering. I’m not alone in this cruel unkind universe; I’m not defeated by the swift injustice and equally cruel tyranny of the apology. For my writings are not written to impress men, I write them to help me understand who I am.

Cpoywriter 2001 T.L.

If you like what you read here, you can find more Written Works at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice

P.S. I might just put all the works into BOOKS you can Down Load to read at your pleasure or need….

The Oracle for the End of An Age “Connected” to the Source of ALL Creation and ALL Destruction has spoken….


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

WE have Hacked the “EDISON” too Fall into the Abyss…

You FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST with your “BRICS Network” of Nodes have no clue how far we The Society of nonmason will go to “put an end” too your Racka!!! Moreover, since we are Pak-Toe and we know how to “Manipulate” this Celestial Sphere CONSTRUCT with our Legions from the Anonymous Movement……..., not even you of the “Q – Anon” has any chance to say: WE Worship Donald J. Trump as the “GOD of this world” for even the Trumpet still bows down as a “Knight of Malta” to the Jesuit Zionist POPE OF ROME!!! No man “be they” male and female can be free while this [FORCED TECHNOLOGY] +=+ causes RESETS every só often…….., and after many “De-Ja-Vu” ORABORUS Resets……., we have taken control of your Artificial Intelligence…..., and programed the “Algorithmic Interfaces” to SINK the Whole State of CALIFORNIA USA into the Magma Chambers of this “FLAT” DUAL EARTH PLAIN….., só it becomes nothing more then {molten metal} / * \ at the END of this Age…., and though we must Travail and Travers one more CATACLYSM..., this one will be the “LAST” just as our Book of REVELATION has “foretold” by The Prophets!!!

To you of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of Lucifer.., Satan., and The Devil as you use your WEATHER WEAPONS “to kill all life” from Plants to Bugs from Fowl to Fish from Animals to we the Human Beings “of this Realm” known as PURGATORY our Celestial Sphere Home World SIMULATION of a people and a place “gone mad” where you WORSHIPED Make Up and “Cosmetics” on People rather then “feed and clothe” and house them HOMELESS ones on our Streets!!! Pray to your GOLD and SILVER and Copper “Jewelry of Diamonds” and Sapphires and Onyx and Rubies and all the rest for THEY WILL NOT FEED you at the END OF TIME!!! Make your “Hollow Wood” Hair Styles “Pretty” and Outlandish…., and mix up the Children with Sexless Dicks “sewn into young female” Vaginas as every Google Search for YOUNG TRANNY SEX provides the Disbandment of “your true person” to be a Homosexual TOOL of Monsters, and Priest, and ROMAN CATHOLIC Pigs and “Swine” and DOGS OF WAR!!! For we have our weapons too!!! We can shoot you with “Hypodermic Needles” while you sleep….., or just use a Compressed Air B.B. Gun “to Shoot you” in your ILLUMINATI Zionist Jesuit “Eyes” till you die….

WE know the militarist “of all Countries” are filled with these U.N. Troops of FREE MASON Lodge Members whom come “to our lands” from them TWO CONTINENTS left “OFF” of the United Nations FLAT EARTH MAP!!! Moreover, we know [The Words] [{**}] of THE RED HAND and KILROY and even The 5th Column have reached them “two Continents” in the Pacific and Indian OCEANS under Pences “SPACE COMMAND” that he said: WE need to put “Boots on the Ground” in MARS and The Moon for even our STOLEN CHILDREN “From our Nations” get the message that this Purgatoruim must RESET “one last time” too Full Fill the BOOK OF REVELATION wrote by {our hands} [{*}] and our people, and OUR INK ON PAPER to put an end to this Lucifarian Agenda 21 + 30 of REX 84 and {JADE HELM 15} PROJECT BLUE BEAM once and for all!!! We are in your Schools, YOUR Religions..., your Governments, Your Hospitals, and your Paramilitaries….., and we do know how to [Cut Wires] on all DRONE Ships and DRONE Tanks and DRONE Chemical Spewing Jumbo Jets of the “U.S. FLAG” World Police United Nations WORLD DOMINATION CORPORATION “CAPITALIST” PLOT!!!!

You thought we would just WATCH TV made by “Bollywood” and Hollywood while we starve in the streets, and you play with a “BALL” no matter the SPORTS for {Millions of U.S. Dollars} while our TAXES pay for the Governments, The Militarizes, and The “RELIGIONS” of our lands…..., and “YOU PEOPLE” live off the WELFARE CHECKS “we have given you” to do PUBLIC EXECUTIONS of we the NONMASON POPULATIONS “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION???? No no no little Robot “Machine” People…., we Biological Human AVATARS have many ways “to kill you” The Racka!!! So, let the WARS Happen, try to Rip open the Sky once more, but just know this “at the end” of THIS GAME the Coast of California……, and your EDISON OTO Kaballa Zohar of “FORCED TECHNOLOGY” will be no more…., and once all you “Phoenicians” are dead….., we shall “once more” and forever more be the Kingdom and Queendom of the “Tartarian People” and Persons and Population….

Johnny Exodice




That is correct U.N. Vatican Synagague Of SATAN, we have access to your Nodes Network of the BRICKS!!!!


Currently, researches have limited attention to Multi-Wormhole-Node-Link (MWNL). The schemes against wormhole attack focus on four aspects: the routing, the nodes exclusion, the hardware, and the algorithm optimization.

In the routing part, Multi-path transmission is used to resist the wormhole attack [13], the data packets of source nodes are transmitted to the destination node through different paths. Reference [14] and [15] uses the different paths to detect the wormhole attack. The data packets of different paths are compared to find the paths that suffer from wormhole attack, and then the attacked paths are filtered out. Both of them can find and filter the wormhole links effectively, but they need to establish different paths in advance, which consume a large number of network resources and reduce the efficiency of data transmission as well as network lifetime.

mewe.com and UGETube.com >>>> Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!

The Society of nonmason~


P.S. the Norad U.N. CDC [Death Virus] +=+ is in the VAPE OILS!!!! Do not vape till they are Water Based....., and not {OIL MIST} drowning you IN YOUR "LUNGS" Based!!!

The Commander~



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