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Is a Used Bow worth it? My 2003 Hoyt UltraTec Cost??

Published on 23 Sep 2019 / In Film and Animation

I'm on a learning curve and this is my used bow story. Is it worth it? Well, I may have been able to buy a newer bow for this or close to it but the journey has been fun. Here is the parts breakdown with pricing. Post your comments down below. Please keep them classy and share your knowledge. Thanks!!

2003 Hoyt Ultratec $71.00 (came with 14 arrows, some needing tips/inserts, Also came with a soft bow case)
60x Strings and cables $89.95
peep sight (Sawtooth) $15.08
D-loop $0.50
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Rest $39.99
Trophy Ridge Quiver $24.86

total $241.38

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