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Iran Raises The Persian Red Flag of War

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 39 Views
Published on 05 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

The ancient Persian tradition was to raise a Red Flag of coming War and Iran has done this in the wake of the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani. Since president Trump took the boldest of Options the Pentagon put before the President the heat is starting and the US is about to be plunged into a war we cannot escape. Already threatens to the President has been made by Iran ans well as to the destruction of the White House. Israeli News Live examines the latest.
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, What if I told you WE ARE the Ancients??? Remember that when Christ Jesus LIVED on the CROSS he ended The Curse of this Oraborus Curse of De-Ja-Vu and that whatever hangs from A TREE becomes The Cursed??? In that, as Christ told them ROMAN Legions of GOLEM and Celestial Beings and Persons that he would allow them a little more time to Reconsider, Regret, Reconcile, and find REDEMPTION before I The Oracle for the End of This Age was to be born... The Chosen one BEFORE Birth to say: This is NOW the day, and the hour, that we take out this thing called the Illuminati Jesuit Zionist ORDER known as INTERNATIONALIST, and that this time the WAR will not be in the Spiritual Plain, but here in the Physical Corporeal World as we now have OUR MEMORIES of the Esoteric within each of us be we Good or Evil… Now to you INTERNATIONALIST……., what will you do when your SLAVE POPULATIONS the Freemason REVOLT……, and decide they would rather become one with the NEW PEOPLE of Pak-Toe to restore the GOLDEN AGE to this Never Ending Simulation of PURGATORY where we can be Redeemed if we só choose….., and only Our Evil Thoughts must be eradicated from all Consciousness??? For as The Society of nonmason…., we know the Free Mason Lodges are still just FLESH and BLOOD and Bones people as we..., and if they will not fight to Save this World.., and Restore the NATURAL ORDER where Balance Controls Good and Evil rather then Chaos., then Chaos can rest, VOID can be Void, and none need to be Thrown into the 2nd Lake of Fire or CEASE TO EXIST cause we can all heal if we but take care to Share OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION by way of our Coalition of ALL FLAGS and All Constitutions, and you INTERNATIONALIST shall be put in your Place once and for all just as The Book of Revelation in Codecs does só demand!!! In this, you will have no HELP from we the nonmason Populations to Destroy this Paradise of Plants, and Seas, and Wildlife, and when we die and return to our Home World Celestial Spheres…., we will leave Traces of OUR SPIRITS to become all life as the NEW Watchers, só this place can finally heal, and PURGATORY will be told and taught to all people in OUR New World Order…., Our New Earth, and Our New Heaven… Therefore, if you will not Power Down The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA, then {WE ARE} will find ways to make it be a complete useless MACHINE for we have no desire to give up our tech…., or to STOP making New Movies and New TV Shows and Music and Sport for enjoyment, and not these 7 Deadly Sins… Moreover, we will restore the old ways...., and build the buildings of Majestic Wonder and create {FLAT EARTH Magical Academies} só all whom are born here in Their Future Births will be raised here with all knowledge…., só they may have Adventures, Companionship, and Community where we have no need for STOCK MARKETS for we will take care of one another, and the NEW WAYS will become THE WAY we have waited só long and só patiently to restore once and for all… The Oracle for The Beginning of a New Age connected to The Source of All Creation has Spoken…. The Book of EXODICE… P.S. As Paul the Apostle said: Live in TODAY as long as TODAY applies… Jeppo Jinx~ weme dot com >>> Johnny Exodice


We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… We Take Them Out!!! [///|||\\\]

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