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Infowars' Deplatforming Has Exposed The Tech Tyrants For Who They Truly Are

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Published on 24 Aug 2018 / In News and Politics

Alex Jones breaks down how big tech's attempt to silence his voice has been somewhat effective, yet it has mobilized Alex Jones' listeners who understand the corporate censorship of conservatives to take action against them.

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Jykaylen7 5 months ago
Brad Gibbs
Brad Gibbs 6 months ago

Any attempts at silencing conservatives is an outrage. The left cannot silence us.

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EricWilliams 6 months ago

everyone keep a list of emerging conservative social media. Ugetube at the top

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chadwickmd 6 months ago

UGETube is going to gain a lot of traction. I'm thankful for this channel I'm sold.

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ShaneRoach 6 months ago

Hehe. La Tech Nostra. OUR TECH. That's what they have.

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