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In the OLD TESTAMENT is said to Store up for 7 YEARS of Famine.... Just a MEMORY of these times....

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 39 Views
Published on 10 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

You must make the Choice to WALK AWAY from your JOBS get your MONEY and take your kids on Road Trips!!! The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


This is just Fracking BATTLE STAR GALACTICA AWESOME!!! It is time to TAKE OUT all FREE MASON in our Police Departments, LAW ENFORCEMENT, and any other Positions of Authority for they are ALL Commuting SEDITION – TREASON for these U.N. FLAG JADE HELM 15 PROJECT BLUE BEAM Globalist, and in that They Are TRAITORS to all in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!! The Society of nonmason~ [///|||\\\]


It is TIME to rise {my nonmason} +=+ and [Freed Masons] / * \ and take out all the RACKA!!!!

We Are Pak-Toe… {Q}

Now it is very important that no matter where you are in OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION that you make your Governments STORE UP Provisions for Once We DESTROY The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA once and for all, this will be the LAST TIME this happens just as we WROTE into the END of the Book of REVELATION, só take bravery into your hearts, and if people and persons will not LISTEN to you??? Slap!!! Them in the Face and SAY: Read what the Oracle for the End of This PLACE has wrote, and do not DENY you are a Celestial Being as we all are!!!!

The Blue Coats of the Red Gloves and the Black Coats of the White Gloves….


JUST GO BAT MAN on their Asses and all the other Heroes who do not want or wish to Kill and Murder, but at times such as these PizzaGATE INTERNATIONALIST Satanist must be STOPPED once and for all….


The Commander~ Jeppo Jinx~ The Red Hand~ The 5th Column~ KILROY aka Mr. Roboto!!!


Protect your Androids and Protect those whom Protect you!!!


Q+ The Pen`

One more thing… THERE IS NO LAW Against Sharing Caring and Helping…

The Brown Coats of the Green Gloves, it is time TO HEAL The Dirt and The Air, and The water….



FEAR NOT My Children for “The Oracle” for The End of An Age has Returned….

Buddah~ Lucifer` Jesus~ The Trinity… [*}*{*]


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